Assignment 3: Short Reflection

The class of the Research Practices in Media and Communication is learning how to do a research efficiently and make it valuable. Information from the research would be more authenticity and worthy of attention as the detail of data we never miss. We analysis the research data with the quality methods.

I used to do research for the branding project. I was doing the research with a autoethnographic way. I also designed the online questionnaire and sent them to my friends on Facebook. Search some method to improve the brand via collect the data and analyze it all by myself. But i learned another different research method from the class of the Research Practices in Media and Communication. We work the research as a group not alone so the communication is important for a group study. I think this is a chance of learning how to conduct a research as an organization member.

The mode of work as a research group, we assign to the different small research group based on our types of individual issue at first. After, we need to share the concept and information of your individual issue with the members who are assigned to you in the same group. For exchange our opinions and get more inspiration from others to develop our individual issue. In addition, we can easily construct a shared questionnaire and the focus group interview when we realize the concept and information of each members’ individual issue. We design the question of our shared questionnaire together and give assistance to members for prepare the focus interview. Collect the data and information from the shared questionnaire and the focus interview.

The individual project of mine is regarding the feminism and gender issue” How females behavior still restricted by stereotypes nowaday?”. I got inspired from my friend’s word since she said the way i eat was kinda girlish. Her criticize made me feel not well as she labels people gender related their behavior. It led me to decided the feminism and gender issue as the individual project.

And my individual project is recognized as the identity research and assigned me to join a research group of the identity. We clearly known which range we were going in of our study. However, I confused of which things are related to my individual project. Is my individual project also relate to the affect of our local culture or the language or the social media? I maybe find the wrong annotated bibliography to my research as i lost the direction. This is the truly problems I need to solve. Indeed, we can not research without the direction. Furthermore, i had a hard times on structure the shared questionnaire since we need to collect the data for our individual project on the same survey. We had have no idea of design the survey question as our individual topic are difference.
But we did a good work on the communication and the cooperation. Our good cooperation made the focus group interview run well.

From participate a research group, i recognized the mode of the research group work and the research methods. We help people to structure a response of issue for the society via the research. Build up a conception or find out an answer of the issue from the quality research. Learning the research knowledge of this class can provide the assistance for our future career or study definitely. As the organize participant.



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