The Virtual World We Invest in

Sci-Fi animation has been developed four formats of the story plots, including “Mechanical Worship: a huge mechanical “Ingenuity” interpretation”, “End of World Destruction: Cruel aesthetics in a sense of crisis”, “Shell and Human: the sober outlook on artificial intelligence” and “Virtual Reality: future use awareness connect or enter the network”. Through the classification of the sci-fi animation we understand that animation is not just a fantasy or for entertaining our childhood only. It is also connected with our real world. The creator always bringing out a message via the Sci-Fi animation to keep us thinking of the situation now and the future.

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Coil A Circle of Children
The new format of  Sci-Fi animation “Virtual Reality” started to develop since 2007. In 2007, Japan education channel NHK ‘s animation director Iso Mitsuo produced his first animation which called “Coil A Circle of Children“. The “Coil A Circle of Children” is a Sci-Fi animation telling us about the worry of the VR future.

Before the emergence of virtual reality games, virtual reality technology has been developed. A person using a virtual reality device can “observe” the artificial world, move within it, and interact with virtual features or objects. Transmission of vibrations and other sensations to the user through game controllers or other devices. This VR system is called a haptic system. From 1970 to 1990, this force feedback is often used in the VR industry mainly provided VR equipment for medical, flight simulation, automotive industry design and military training purposes. As the Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated scene that simulates a real-life experience. The immersive environment can be similar to the real world in order to create realistic experiences based on reality or sci-fi. The Virtual Reality is useful for training personnel.

The Virtual Reality technology applied in the game also. Headsets like the Sega VR and Nintendo’s Virtual Boy have been around since the late 1980s, but the technology is finally coming into its own thanks to the Oculus Rift.

However, Philip Rosedale never give up the possible of Virtual Reality development away. Philip Rosedale is an American entrepreneur, best known as the founder of the virtual world Second Life. He is fulfilled his lifelong dream of creating an Internet -scale virtual world. In 1999, entrepreneur Philip Rosedale founded the Linden Lab, initially focusing on the development of VR hardware. Initially, the company is trying to make a commercial version of “The Rig”, which is implemented in prototype form. Users can wear several computer monitors on their shoulders But It looked like bulky steel toy. So the concept was later adapted to a personal computer-based 3D virtual world, Second Life.

We were not well of develop the Virtual Reality technology and the hand carry VR devices that we had in the past but Philip Rosedale created the concept of second life. The concept of second life and the Virtual Reality technology are also use in game design. we are appreciated of “the second life” and the Virtual Reality technology entertain our life but we also afraid of the negative impact behind the virtual world.

After three years, Japanese animation industry produced the Sci-Fi animation related the Virtual Reality has continued to emerge.

2010 BTOOOM!
2012 Sword Art Online Season 1
2013 Recovery of an MMO Junkie
2014 Sword Art Online Season 2
2016 GATE Season 1
2017 GATE Season 2
2017 Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 1
2017 Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 2
2018 Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Those Virtual Reality format’s Sci-Fi animation told us about the possible negative impact of join the Virtual World behind the joy. We own our second life and our second identity in the virtual community. It is a gift from the virtual world but somehow we will feel confused of between reality and virtuality if we are too addicted to the virtual life too long. And it also has an impact on physical and mental health.

Myopia is a growing problem around the world. In the United States, studies show, nearsightedness rose from only 25% of the population in the 1970s to over 40% by 2000. About 10 million American adults are considered “severely nearsighted.”And according to Richard Gallagher, director of the Children’s Research Institute at the New York University Children’s Research Center, those players who focus on the style of first-person shooter games may adopt independent views on society or develop radical ideas and tendencies.

We see the bad impact on our body but we sure do have some good impact if we join the Virtual World and enjoy the game in moderation.Research has demonstrated that people who play action video games exhibit better visual attention, motor control abilities, and short-term memory.

About the teamwork and cooperation when playing with others, many multiplayer games, such as Team Fortress 2, work with other online players to win. These games encourage players to make full use of their personal skills to contribute to the team. According to a survey by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, teachers reported that their students became better collaborators after using digital games in the classroom.

By the Virtual Reality formats Sci-Fi animation plots understanding and the research about the impact of people join the Virtual world. We realize enter the Virtual Game World for the life escape and relieve stress. As we got the second life in virtual community. Own the different identity. Via the game we got the joy different than our real life. This is the reason why people invest in Virtual game. My individual is focus on people live with video game. Observe their behavior to shopping the video game. Any act detail can be related their experience of playing the game or their own life. It also related the game market trend that we see from customer.

Observe plan


Place: Mon Ko Sino Centre, 1/F-2/F
Date: April 4, 2018 Wednesday
Time: 6pm – 7pm

螢幕快照 2018-04-08 上午7.25.28.png

Place: Golden Computer Arcade, G/F
Date: April 5, 2018 Thursday
Time: 6pm – 7pm

Target: Employees of the game store, Customers

The observe place i choose is  Mon Ko Sino Centre. Sino Centre only got seven game shops. The second place is Golden Computer Arcade, G/F as it is a  shopping malls for selling video games. All of the twenty shops  has the ps4 games, Switch game for game lover buy. Both places are the main game selling place in Hong Kong. Observie time started at 6 pm to 7 pm. This is when Hong Kong people complete their work from the company. My observe target would be employees of the game store and customers.

Mon Ko Sino Centre  Observe

Mon Ko Sino Centre Observe video Full Record

Customer – Three Primary School students
Student A
Student B
Student C

20180310_183544螢幕快照 2018-04-08 上午11.07.52.png

I looked around When i was counting of the game store. I found out there has three Primary School students was buying the switch games and the Ps4 game in the small game store next to the bigger game store. After they finished of buy the games, they started to discuss about the detail of the video games exciting. I saw they had the big smile on their face. A one of the primary school student was touching her friend student A’s arm when she explained the emotional of finally got her favorite video games. Five mins after, her face looked a bit sad. She told friend A she still want the special Switch controller. Friend student B told her they had the free to look around if student C want. I met the three Primary School students 5 times in the Sino Centre. They looked around of searching low price special Switch controller. They asking the game store employer about price and how difference between normal controller where the small game store in the lane. The game store employe said no difference between normal controller but just not same color. Student C was thanks for the employer answer her and left the lane without buying anything. She back to the small store she just went in and bought the games. She looked up the environment of the small game store.  She told her friends she didn’t want to buy there as the price a bit expensive. Her friends suggested she Student C to go in the bigger game store next to the small game store. They went in the store and looked around. Student C chose the red Switch controller and asked the game store employee about the price. I heard the price as same as the small store’s one. Student C was thinking 23 mins. After she bought the red one finally. She gave up of searching the low price Switch controller and accept the price as she said to her friends of realize the red one price is valuable.

Customer – Mainland  Chinese tourists

I met Mainland  Chinese tourists when i observed the three Primary School students. In game store of the lane, i heard a couple tourists of Mainland  Chinese were speaking to the store man. They were asking about the new Ps4 game. The store man told them he got the stock of the game they were asking. The couple tourists of Mainland  Chinese  gratitude the store man and ready to buy it. When they were paying for the game, the girl told the store man about China game stores already sold out this Ps4 game. They came to Hong Kong just for the Ps4 game. The store man told her if she want some video game, she can give him  a call to hold the item. When i want to left the Sino Centre, i saw three Mainland  Chinese teenage boy was standing in front of the game store. They asked the game store woman about the game they looked for but the store woman said no and not willing to answer or help them.

Golden Computer Arcade Observe

Golden Computer Arcade Observe video Full Record


Customer – Hong Kong family

螢幕快照 2018-04-08 上午7.23.13.png

Observe Video Record of people talking in the Golden Computer Arcade

In Golden Computer Arcade, i realize here has so many  Hong Kong family Buying video games. They were buying the Switch host computer here. I heard a son was asking his mother opinion of which kind of game should he choose. Her son want to buy a game to play with his mother. His mother told the son it’s alright to buy the one he like. After this, I walked around few mins. I saw a little boy was using the arcade controller to play the low pixel Street fighting game. His father stand next to him and watch the Street fighting game he play.

Customer – Three foreigner  male tourists

Three foreigner  male tourists walked around and searching the games. When they saw the arcade controller, they was standing in front of the game store. They started chatting each other about the kids memories of the arcade controller. The employer was swear them and told his emotional to other store man. Did they buy or not? The was employereer annoying of people just standing without buying observie analysis. More of the employer are male , only 1% female.

Via the observed of the young game lover behavior we realize the age of game lover and the game market. Nowaday, young people start playing video game when they were in primary School. They like to share the experience of buying the game or playing the game. Playing video game can bring the young people to enter a social group. They don’t have the bad psychological affect them like feeling alone as they got the friends from the game community. Also, playing video game make them to be  pursue the enjoyment of life from choose games or controller. They wanna be stylish and professional in game area. Also, Hong Kong family think game playing is a family activity to contact their relationship. As the parent, they don’t resisting their children to play the game. By observed what i had seen Mainland  Chinese young tourists come to Hong Kong for buying the video game not only travel since the serious shortage of game inventory in China. The Hong Kong game store employees are willing to help Mainland  Chinese young tourists to keep the game goods when they come to Hong Kong again. We see the games stock shortage in China can be a opportunity of expand the market for selling games. The service attitude and service system would be important points as most Mainland  Chinese using the online shopping platform to buy things and Use digital money to pay.


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4: All about the Sci-fi Animation and The Format of Sci-fi Animation.

In last blog post , i basically introduced what is the Sci-Fi Animation and one of my favorite Sci-Fi Animation “BEATLESS” to explain of the Sci-Fi Animation not only for entertain audiences. It’s kind of different than American animation. Most American animation are heroism even they add the sciences element in there. However, it still not a perfect Sci-Fi Animation as all plot of American animation is about worship the hero such as Spider Man, Superman or Ben 10.

螢幕快照 2018-03-03 下午8.18.57.png

 “A hero, when we are little, is the one “who confronts extraordinary adversaries and also superhuman difficulties to save his life or someone’s life or to defend universal values.” 

(Ludovic Graillat -a student of PhD candidate at the Université de Toulouse Le Mirail, France. ) 

It seem quite nice of selling a value to being a stronger hero one. But somehow we would get bored of  those heroism animation.We sure know a superhero always has a enemy, a super villain. This is the way American animation evident the pairing combatants such as: Superman and Lex Luthor, Spider-Man and the Green Goblin and Ben 10 and the aliens. It’s just like a brainwashing. We hardly find out a American animation which has no heroism but something can make us thinking more of the real.

A Sci-fi Animation connects our real world and it led us to reflect on now and the future. It is not just for entertain the audiences. It’s the method that the author guides the audience to experience the social and moral contradictions brought about by future technologies via the visual form of science fiction animation. This is the reason why people obsessed with this category of animation as the author of Sci-fi Animation are the giver who provide the information of now and the future. Even it is just a fancy of the author but definitely our mind would be affected from the Sci-fi Animation to think more and more.

The category of  Sci-fi Animation has always been popular around and never end up. So what made Japan develop this category of animation?

This all happened of second war affect. Japan was rapidly westernizing as the government structured the open policy. The entry of Western culture was affecting Japanese culture. Western advanced technology has caused Japan’s inexplicable love of huge industrial machinery. After the intensification of the thinking of “weapon is important” and “the decisive weapons” during the Second World War, this emotion evolved into an animated interpretation of giant weapons. This is how Sci-fi Animation born and develop from Japan.

With the change of time and the progress of science and technology. Sci-fi Animation will also follow the change and develop the format. The changes and development which make Sci-fi Animation more diversification.  The format of Sci-fi Animation cannot be fixed. Since it is a visual way to transform the message and the information from the creator who leads the audience to experience the social and moral contradictions brought about by future technologies.

The Four Format of Sci-fi Animation:

1. mechanical worship: a huge mechanical “Ingenuity” interpretation

螢幕快照 2018-03-03 下午8.41.25螢幕快照 2018-03-03 下午8.41.39My favorite manga artist Matsumoto Lionji who created <<Space Pirate Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyssey>>, <<The Galaxy Express 999 >>, <<Queen Millenia>> and << Space Battleship Yamato>>. Especially, his mangas influenced the beginning of mechanical worship is in 1974.The broadcast produced <<Space Battleship Yamato>>.


In this film, the old Japanese navy’s super-battleship “Yamato” re-sailed its space warship. “Yamato space battleship facing the interstellar invaders alone and
completed the grand task of saving the earth. Yamato’s main gun completely hit the heart of the Japanese audience during the Showa era and achieved great success. The concept of “Yamato” has even influenced many later works. The main gun of the famous human space battleship Starcraft in StarCraft is called “Yamato.”

In 1979, a sci-fi movie “Mobile Suit Gundam 0079” that reflected the “War of Independence” between a space colonial satellite and the Earth’s interior was on the screen.This time, the huge machinery became even more anthropomorphic. The steel giants such as Gundam and Zagud simply became the physical extension of the driver’s will. Since then, Gundam has become a thriving industrial brand. As of today, we continue to launch new works adapted to the new era. Compared with the all-inclusive Arcadia, Gundam’s portrayal of the war is more real and profound, depicting the devastation caused by the war to the lives of both belligerents rather than blindly rendering “justice.”


“Gundam” setting shows the huge destruction of huge machines used in the war.

In the meantime, some animators began to reflect on such “mechanical cult” and appeared as a “mobile policeman.” Although the film featured “Special Vehicles and Two Lessons” in which police robots were enforcing the law, the film stopped highlighting the giant humanoid machinery and instead looked at depicting the ups and downs of the daily routine of these “grassroots police officers.” This kind of “anti-tune” deconstruction, relying on the story of “grounding”, also won a large audience favorite.

Although this kind of mechanical worship of Japanese animation has a slightly paranoid thinking foundation, it is also thanks to this “ingenuity” that Japanese animators have devised a large number of magnificent and beautiful sci-fi mechanical settings. Even the “Avatar” This top American blockbuster, is also mechanically set full of “Japanese” sophisticated beauty.

2.End of World Destruction: Cruel aesthetics in a sense of crisis

The same deep sense of originality as ingenuity is deeply rooted in the depths of Japanese culture, as well as their sense of urgency, seen in films and television productions such as The Sunken Japan and Godzilla.In animation, the first show of the Japanese animated master Hayao Miyazaki shows the epic poet surviving the struggle between humans and nature after the destruction of civilization – Nausicaä, the heroine of the “Valley of the Winds”, leading with courage and bravery The tribe survived the land after the destruction. She dressed in blue dress, drove the white flying wing soaring sky, became a generation of Japanese memories.


Since the 1990s, with the collapse of the economic bubble, Japanese society fell into an unprecedented depression coincided with the end of the century. The end of the world with a strong religious element to render the TV animation – “Evangelion” sensationalized the entire Japanese society. The boys and girls in the films drive desperate battles with biological robots derived from human beings and “apostles” who plan to destroy humanity. In the film, a large number of highly suggestive impact lens languages are used to synchronize the juvenile inner world with the devastating outer world, providing the audience with a brutal aesthetic feast. The film has almost no self-personality actress “Daisy Polly” is Na Yu Sika has become a new generation of animated goddess. Compared to valiant and valiant predecessors, Ayanami body temperament clearly reflects the changes in the social era.

螢幕快照 2018-03-03 下午9.05.58.png

After entering the new century, as the haze of the cold war and economic crisis gradually dissipated, the clash of social trends of thought has become a new contradiction. In recent years, theater animation “Harmony” is one such work. The highly developed future of science and technology in the film, under the appearance of a beautiful and harmonious appearance, is a gentle strangulation of human nature, which must be said to be a wake-up call to Japanese culture. At the end of the movie, human beings completely gave up their self-awareness and the whole society is integrated into a whole that “separates you from me”. Although there is no “big scene” of landslide and earth-shattering, such destruction is more symbolic in reality and deserves to be rethought by all who are in the modern society.

3.Shell and Human: the sober outlook on artificial intelligence

With the revolution in electronic technology, the deduction of technologies such as artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction has become a new theme of Japanese animation. Japanese animation founder of mountains Tezuka Osamu, the most famous piece of work is about intelligent robot looking for self “Astro Boy”. After that, another huge international classic – “Robot Cat” is also based on a future intelligent robot – Doraemon as the core.

螢幕快照 2018-03-03 下午9.12.47

However, the Japanese animation style has become more and more solemn when it really touches on the core of these technical issues. A comic book depicting the semi-mechanical girl Gary pursuing herself in combat, The Goblet of Dreams was bought by famed director Cameron and is now filming. The narrative “Combat Fairy Snow”, which describes the symbiotic coexistence of human pilots and artificial intelligence fighters, has completely abandoned the “anthropomorphic” artificial intelligence often depicted in most artificial intelligence sci-fi works. Artificial intelligence “Snow Wind”, the soul of a high-performance tactical reconnaissance aircraft, has been given an outright “inhuman” attribute by the author. She has neither emotions nor love nor hatred, but she is completely different from man’s ability to think. In her super-air combat, she has always made decisions and behaviors that go beyond mankind. Now looking back at this forward-looking animation, you will find that the most similar snow-covered body is the AlphaGo, which now swept the Go community.


Another classic that has to say is that the movie of the same name is being released – <<Ghost in the Shell>> . The comic, theatrical animation, two TV animations and live-action movies are all five versions, but the story is about the mechanized transformation of human beings, Kusakabe Suzi, who led the “Public Security Nine Course” to crack down on high-tech crime. Among them, and Miyazaki Hayao famous animation director Oshima director of the two theaters of the most classic animation. The film, through its long, or even empty shots of ethereal images supplemented by a large number of images full of symbolism, discusses in depth the alienation and evolution of human nature in a high-tech society where human beings and machines are getting more and more integrated. The film is filled with a super-refined “super humanism” atmosphere, as the protagonist of the elements and even in the film completely abandoned the concrete body, in the flood of information network gained freedom and new life. At this point, it is an understandable regret that the live-action film version failed to fully launch these discussions in order to balance the audience and rhythm of commercial films. The TV animation version, at the beginning of this century, proactively interprets the social problems we now face such as the proliferation of network memes, the refugee crisis and so on. It is also a rare classic.

4. Virtual Reality: future use awareness connect or enter the network

It is a new format of the Sci-fi Animation. This format of the  animation explores the problems that can occur in an ideal society where future usage awareness connects to the web.

螢幕快照 2018-03-03 下午9.22.16.png

<<The Submerged Brain Research Room>>> was produced in 2008 by Production I.G and the original work of  <<Ghost in the Shell>>  by the original author Shiro Lang.

The story takes place in 2061, when people are already connected to the internet through awareness. Although this life is very convenient and very ideal, but it also has a lot of social problems. For example, personal information leakage, personal information has been tampered with. However, mankind has been unable to get out of network life. Therefore, a new cyberspace with enhanced security is named “meta Real Network (metal).” Here, the personal memory is modeled independently in the organic defensive wall and permeated into people’s lives, so that people can fully release their nature in this online world. As a result, new events have taken place between the bound real world and the unfettered network.

Nowadays, the problem of personal information being leaked is very serious. However, everyone can not be out of network life anymore.


Just like the character Ichiro Suzuki (29 years old) in the <<Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody>>. Ichiro Suzuki  is an outsourcing company programmer who entrusted by large enterprises to develop smartphone apps and computer web games. His daily life like a public ants live day and night busy life. One day, Suzuki finally done his work and has a nice rest under the desk. However, he found four “icons” in the lower right hand corner of his field of view, a toolbar with the “main menu” at the top right, and a radar display around the alert after thirty hours later. It just as he adjusted before sleeping The same as the game interface. He realized he had entered a different world when he was sleep.

We sometimes have no idea which is real or fake When we enter a virtual place too long. Or it is a way to escape the reality world.

These excellent sci-fi animations, through the unparalleled expressive power of animation and artistic imagination and deduction of the development of science and technology, profoundly reflect the ideological turmoil in the era and have a far-reaching impact. Specifically, the format of sci-fi animation Virtual Reality make me interest since  I want to explore more of the issues that people rely on Virtual Reality technology to living. The individual project of mine would be studying the Virtual Reality format of sci-fi animations.


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3: Independent Digital Asia Autoethnographic – Sci-fi Animation

Sci-fi animation is a category of  animation. The main content is to describe such as science and technology in the future, time travel, travel at super speed, parallel universe, extraterrestrial life, artificial intelligence, misplaced history and other related scientific imagination.It is a sub-culture stemming from science fiction culture and is closely related to the more rigorous academic field of futurology. Most of the social forms of the science fiction animation context are related to the future, or to an overhead world that once possessed ancient and advanced civilizations, apparently where civilizations have collapsed or regressed. It also including the element of Utopia, Dystopian, Space Fantasy and a morbid future society that is overly dependent on artificial intelligence, virtual reality or other high technology.


螢幕快照 2018-02-02 下午9.41.50螢幕快照 2018-02-02 下午9.41.36

“BEATLESS” is one of my favorite Japanese science fiction animation. It adapted from the original light novel author Toshiyasu Haseya’s creation and redjuice as the original illustrator. The plot of “BEATLESS” is regarding the future world of 100 years later, the vast majority of society entrusted to the “thing” of the machinery – called hIE humanoid robot. The emergence of ultra-advanced AI “Higgins,” beyond the limits of human intelligence, led to the birth of artificial intelligence far beyond the technological level of mankind, the “non-arrival of human beings.”

In the meantime, the five hiE model machines escaped by accident. They all have their own special weapon and the meaning of independent existence but their existence may cause a war. The five hiE machines which have the young girl shape that started fight to each other and may possibly involved to the world. One day, a 17-year-old boy Arato Endo who was suddenly attacked. The hiE machine girl Type-005 Named Lacia with a weapon “Black coffin” saved Arato Endo and entered into the master-slave contract.

In the face of this beyond imagination the humanoid machinery as almost human and almost “things”. Do people trust the humanoid machinery that have a close to human thinking? It’s about the encounter of the girl with the boy and “human” with “humanoid machinery ” which is the farewell or coexistence of human beings with the existence of the humanoid artificial intelligence.

Beatless EP 2 – Analog Hack (started at 11:24)

I trend to introduce this Sci-fi animation as it kinda different from the other Sci-fi animation I watched in the past such as Gundam series animation, Macross 7, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Valvrave the Liberator and ALDNOAH ZERO. Their storyline belongs to the utopian and dystopian social forms. Label the machine as a tool as a weapon that human control. In the “BEATLESS”, the writer label the machine which have a human shape with emotional function as a “thing” that almost close to human. That is very interesting. He put forward the theory of the machine “Analog Hack”. “Analog Hack” is a meaning of the humanoid machine enter human society by imitating human natural behavior easily.  It is remind me of nowaday every countries tried to build up a Life-Like robot with the emotional function. Through the visual form of science fiction animation, the author leads the audience to experience the social and moral contradictions brought about by future technologies.




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2:  Autoethnography

What is a ” Autoethnography ” ?

Auto  /   ethno   /   graphy

Auto- “as a word-forming element had the sense of “self, one’s own, of oneself (‘independently’) in Greek.

ethno-” as a word-forming element meaning “race, culture,” from Greek ethnos “people, nation, class, caste, tribe; a number of people accustomed to live together” (see ethnic).

-graphy” as a word-forming element meaning “process of writing or recording” or “a writing, recording, or description” from French or German -graphie, from Greek -graphia “description of “.

The way we split the word gives us a better idea of what Autoethnography means and the emphasis of Autoethnography more clearly.

Autoethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze personal experience in order to understand other cultural experience. Through the autoethnography to deconstructing and critical reflection on the issue of ethnography and life history.

Autoethnography often represented by first-person in a variety of different ways such as short story,  poetry,  personal essay,  diary, fragment,  social science essay etc. Via the personal inner of the portrayal and experience to realize how the social and cultural development affect people life.

“People shape their daily lives by stories of who they and others are and as they interpret their past in terms of these stories. Story, in the current idiom, is a portal through which a person enters the world and by which their experience of the world is interpreted and made personally meaningful.” 

from <<Narrative Inquiry: Experience and Story in Qualitative Research >> By Connelly & Clandinin, 2006, p. 375

Connelly & Clandinin proposed a concept of American pragmatist philosopher Dr. John Dewey’s theory “Experience is personal as well as social” to develop the personal experience methods.

The personal experience methods have four characteristics:

"inward and outward";

" backward and forward".

” Inward ” refers to the internal situation of emotion, hope, reaction beauty, morality, etc;
” Outward ” refers to the existence of the situation, which is what E. M. B said reality.

And the ” backward and forward” are the meaning of  the temporality, the past,  the present and the future.

The develop of nowaday have been sophisticated since people search the issue through the rules of the personal experience methods.

In summary, Autoethnography is a combination of ethnography and autobiography.The author of Autoethnography may be a scholar or a non-scholar.Starting from insiders’ point of view, incorporating the author’s personal experience into the ethnographic or autobiographical writing has given rise to a form of exploration to some issues.


Such as Sigmund Freud’s Die Traumdeutung. The book introduces the concept of self, describes Freud’s unconscious theory used to explain the dream. According to Freud, he wrote down many of his dreams to elucidate his theories and perspectives. His approach begins with the analysis of not just  many case studies from patients but also his dream experience, “Irma’s injection”.

His autoethnography inspired concepts such as “subconscious”, “self”, “self”, “super self”, “Idiopus complex”, “Libido” and “psychological defense mechanism” Proposed a variety of psychopathology theory, clinical psychology in the history of the development of great significance.

Via the personal experience and research of Sigmund Freud made us have a clear concept of the definition of Autoethnography. Theory or issue is based on personal experience and the Autoethnography is an achievement of our deconstructing and critical reflection in personal experience.

As with the design of mobile apps now, we derive data from user experience. And improve the app ‘s user friendly through the data research of user experience.


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1:The identities of Shuya Nanahara & Noriko Nakagawa in Battle Royale Game I & II.

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<<Battle Royale Game I & II>> are the movie that about people who would do everything to attack each other for survive. <<Battle Royale Game I>> is a classic but the <<Battle Royale Game II>> always got the bad rating as the characters die so quickly that made the story plot speed too fast and not follow the original comic. However, i don’t believe the <<Battle Royale Game II>> is a awful movie. If without Battle Royale Game II ,the <<Battle Royale Game>> plot will not be a complete story.

The <<Battle Royale Game I>> is about a moment of new century begin , the country faced a collapse, the unemployment rate continued to rise as high as 15%. The entire society was in turmoil, the society was out of control, the campus violence was violent, and more than a thousand teachers died. Confused adults, fearful of youngsters getting out of control, decided to join hands with the government to suppress the riots and pass the “education reform in the new century” bill, “Battle Royale.” This time, 42 students from a certain secondary school were strongly oppressed by the military junta to participate in this three-day “escapade.” They were given food and strange weapons, and they were to kill each other and only allow one person to survive. During the war there was also a heavy military guard and absolutely not allowed to flee! And a group of innocent secondary school students on deserted islands started an unprecedented brutal killing game.

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Shuya Nanahara is a orphan who lose his mother early. His father can not stand the pressure of unemployment while hanging himself the suicide at home when the secondary school ceremony began. After his father dead, he met his best friend Koki Kunihiro at the orphanage. They are also a student of Class 3B in same secondary school. He likes Noriko Nakagawa but never tell any one as his best friend Koki Kunihiro has a secret crush on Noriko Nakagawa. All Class 3B students became a mandatory participant of the program of BR Law when they were on the secondary school graduation trip. Including Shuya Nanahara.

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Noriko Nakagawa is a weak girl that same class girls like to bully her. She is a classmate of Shuya Nanahara and Koki Kunihiro. Noriko Nakagawa is a kindness and pure girl who do respect people even a teacher Mr. Kitano who all her classmates hate. She has a secret crush on Shuya Nanahara. Noriko Nakagawa join the BR Law’s Program reluctantly.

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Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa are the teenages. Shuya Nanahara don’t trust people especially “the adult”. As “the adult” puted them into a desert island and set the rule to let them kill each other for survive. The BR Law’s Program protection of “the adult” personal interests.Prevent the country from collapsing, reduce the unemployed population and reduce the chances of juvenile delinquency affecting the society. Last they escaped from the desert island successfully. However, the government recognized Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa as the dangerous elements for the social system and list them to the wanted .

The story plot of the <<Battle Royale Game I>> is describing the reality issue of Japan social culture. In the scene of Shuya Nanahara father’s death, the reasons for the increase in suicide rates in Japanese society were reflected. Most of the Japanese who committed suicide were men aged 20-44. Factors contributing to suicide include unemployment, depression and social stress.Historically, Japan has been a male-dominated society with strong family ties and social expectations. Japanese society is “tolerant” about suicide and suicide is morally regarded as a responsible act. This cultural tolerance may stem from the historical impact of military suicide.In feudal Japan, the glorious death of a warrior is seen as a legitimate response to a failed or inevitable failure of the war. The purpose of this is to release the spirit of the warrior to the enemy so as to avoid being brutalized in the hands of the enemy. But adult suicides are irresponsible to a growing child and it will affect child life by the brutal reality.

"Children are a reflection of society's mirror"

Juvenile delinquency reflects the problems of adults and social issues. Affected by the social turmoil, children only emphasize “Individual rights” and “authority” while neglect their responsibilities and public morals.

In 1999, those who do not have a criminal record suddenly make all kinds of serious criminal cases. 45.5% of teenage first-time offenders.Remember “Kobe child Sakakibara Seito murder”,an extremely brutal serial murder of children occurred in Japan since 1997. At that time, the murderer was only a 14-year-old boy who killed one 11-year-old boy and one 10-year-old girl and injured three others.This incident led to the Japanese Diet, the minimum age of criminal responsibility reduced from 16 years old to 14 years old.

The creator set the character as the 15 years old teenage based on the age-limitation of criminal responsibility under Japanese law.

br2w01.jpg The <<Battle Royale Game II>> is kinda different than the <<Battle Royale Game I>>. It is about the last two BR Law program survivors Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa escaped from the desert island. Shuya Nanahara extremely resentment as the evil BR Law Program continues to be implemented. He escaped with Noriko Nakagawa from Japan to Afghanistan which is a country that always in a fierce war. He was learning the skills of field combat survival in Afghanistan. In a fortuitous opportunity, Shuya Nanahara met Naoki Mimura, a terrorist who planned a number of Japanese bombings. And other previous survivors of “BR Law’s Program” who lost their loved ones because of the brutal killing game. Shuya Nanahara secretly formed Wild Seven, an anti-BR legal terrorist organization, desperate to exterminate evil BR Law and government confrontation with other previous survivors of “BR Law’s Program”.The “Wild Seven” is a Shuya Nanahara s nickname of his past baseball team. The military regards the “Wild Seven” as a terrorist organization. When the military government received the news about the “Wild Seven”, immediately dispatched large-scale military aircraft and warships to encircle the “Wild Seven” on the battleship island. Revision of BR Law’s Program, launched BRII. Arrange a new “Battle Royale Game” program to fight them. This time selected is a poor school “Deer’s Walled Secondary School” Class 3B’s 42 students. They were selected during Christmas skiing trips and was forced to board six self-propelled speedboats heading towards the killing battlefield on the island of Battleship.The goal of the game is “Shuya Nanahara and other organized members─ ─ kill without pardon!”. BR II’s rules of the game was changed. The task is to desert island base within three days, quickly annihilated Shuya Nanahara and the members of a terrorist organization – the “Wild Seven”. They added a very cruel rules: a male and a female students were divided into a group. The electronic monitoring neckband will be self-explosion as long as one of the group was killed or two people more than 50 meters away. In the <<Battle Royale Game II>>, Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa both are the rebels of the BR Law Program as they are the survivors of the BR Law Program. The government treats them as dangerous and wants them after they escaped from the BR Law Program. Shuya Nanahara became a leader of the “Wild Seven”. An anti-BR legal terrorist organization’s founder. He is a guerrilla specialist and a bomb expert as he got the professional training in Afghanistan. The character of Noriko Nakagawa not showing too much in the  <<Battle Royale Game II>> as the character pretend to be a mystery to lead audience. It’s a key of the whole movie. 螢幕快照 2018-01-12 上午11.26.10.png 螢幕快照 2018-01-12 下午12.33.05.png Noriko Nakagawa pretended to be a sacred since the teacher in <<Battle Royale Game I>> who regarded her as redeemer. When the teacher got pressure from school and family, Noriko Nakagawa always respect him.   The << Battle Royale Game II >> ‘s storyline surely symbolizes the circumstances of Middle East countries. We can find it from the character’s act, emotional, visual language, the scenes and the costumes. 螢幕快照 2018-01-05 下午7.48.08 螢幕快照 2018-01-11 下午8.38.49.png Those scenes are about “9.11 attacks”. World Trade Center collapsed as the hijackers deliberately used two of the aircraft to hit the building separately in 2001. Much of the venom in the press, at any rate, is directed at the Al-Qaeda. 螢幕快照 2018-01-12 上午9.48.29.png 螢幕快照 2018-01-12 上午10.24.50.png In this movie Shuya Nanahara dressed like the Al-Qaeda leader Usāmah bin Muḥammad bin Awaḍ bin Lādin. The long white clothes, the equipment, the shawl even the weapon. Shuya Nanahara holds the AK-47 Aftermath in the <<Battle Royale Game II>>Muḥammad bin Lādin used AKS-74U as a self-defense weapon.

(The AKS-74U is also a stand-alone variant of the AK74 that also emits a 5.45 × 39 mm (M74) bullet.)

螢幕快照 2018-01-12 上午9.29.09.png 螢幕快照 2018-01-12 上午11.08.22 When Shuya Nanahara gave his AK-47 to a child is simply describing war affects children’s growth. “The adults” mean people who got the role to start the war in the name of “justice”.

“The movie is not just for entertainment, it’s about a special conversation to us.”

Film is one of the self-examination way. We engage in the “in-depth conversation” and through movie clips, soundtracks, story lines and performers.Via the characters’ emotional performance tell us how horrible of the War and the reality.We cannot indifferent to the reality as it’s still happening around us. Isn’t it?


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