Bus Shelter: Reflecting on Research

A company selling the ads on the panels, MatrixMedia services, describes them this way on its website:

“Digital Bus Shelters or digital transit shelters offer 24-hour visibility to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. These displays are perfect for a street level marketing campaign since they are typically placed at high circulation locations. Digital transit displays hold multiple advertisers and rotate through messages throughout the day. The movement between advertisers will catch the eye of consumers as they are approaching the digital bus shelters.”

When you are on the Hong Kong street, you would see many bus shelter around you. Yes, buses are the means of transportation that most Hong Kong people often take. The bus can reach the place where the subway can’t reach. I remember when I was a kindergarten student, my grandpa used to take the bus with me since we moved from Yau Ma Tei to Shatin. In the past, we didn’t have the smartphone, iPad or Notebook. The network development was imperfect and still at a preliminary stage. My biggest joy was taking a look at the surrounding streets and people speak. While we were waiting for the bus in the bus shelters, most people would pay attention to bus shelters advertising light boxes. Including me did the same thing for getting through the dull waiting time.

Lately year, the advertising light box at some bus shelter began to turn into a digital screen. There is a large flat-screen TV at the bus shelter that changes the ad video or transforms the image every 8 seconds in 24 hours. We can see and hear the advertising come from the bus shelter. We can even interact with digital screens. Sometimes the advertiser may have the promotion at the bus shelter. People play the game, scan the code and get the sample item from the bus shelter event. It is different from static bus shelter lightbox advertising. It seems the digital screen of the bus shelter more attraction. Is it really effective in this marketing when people already own their individual little digital screen? I can’t help but be curious to wanna explore this new advertising marketing approach and the people opinion of the bus shelter digital screen.

Who & Why?

I interviewed five people who all have experienced the digital screen promo of the bus shelter. The five interviewed targets are from different age groups which make the data quality good. The interview location would be the bus shelter which has the digital screen such as Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard bus Shelters and Kowloon Bay bus shelters. This will make me easier to find the interview targets. The interview question I would not ask for too much as I am afraid people not willing to stay on the street and answer my question under the hot sun. So I set up three simple question for the interview. Those question about what the bus shelter viewer thought of the digital screen.


There must be challenges in research tasks that need to be overcome by researchers. When the research purpose was already done, the next we must pay the action on our research plan. Before we start the interview, we must check the bus shelter digital screens are still there or change. Unfortunately, there was no more media advertising event on the Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard bus shelters.  Causeway Bay Sogo bus shelters were in my plan also but bus shelter digital screens are disappeared as Bus shelters is being repaired. However, the biggest challenge is to interview people.
Monday afternoon, I was standing on the street find someone who can allow me to interview in 2 mins. Most people rejected me as they don’t want to on camera even I said it for academic research and just record their voice. It made me feel sad as people rejected me. I was considering to reduce the number of interview people from five to three for this reason but I successfully finish the 5 interview target on that day.

The platform

I decided to use the medium to create a website as firstly, it’s the platform the platform I am most familiar with. Secondly, I think the website will show the data clearer to people ant it’s not hard to create and manage.


People tend to focus on their own screen more than pay attention to the bus shelter digital screen. But some people would willing to watch the digital screen on the bus shelter as it is way different than the static lightbox ad. People can get useful information on the digital screen at the bus shelter such as news or weather. The bus shelter digital screen not just a screen, it also some kind of public media TV. People pay great attention to the content of the bus electronic screen that we seee.

Usefulness to media industries

Through the street interview, I learned how people think of this new marketing platform- bus shelter digital screen. The street audience would notice the bus shelter digital screen presence but not paying to much on the digital screen content. They tend to focus on their smartphone screen as the content of the bus shelter digital screen broadcast not make them interest even the sound doesn’t draw them all. The broadcast content of the bus shelter digital screen is just an annoying thing that what bus shelter digital screen viewer said. But it a good change to the bus shelter at the bus shelter advertising lightboxes are cannot attract others to interact. The bus shelter digital screen can interact with the audience to generate effective publicity benefits. Just the content development of bus shelter digital screen we must focus on.


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240 Review of the Blog Design

The departure of having this blog is the need for BCMS courses. Before this course, I used to own Qooza blog, Xanga and Google blogger long times ago. The content of Qooza blog and Xanga is different from that of this WordPress blog. The content of the Qooza blog and Xanga is mostly related to my private life. I spent a lot of time designing the Qooza blog and the Xanga page. Even if the blog page design was good but the content is not attractive. Most of the blog content was talking about my emotions and life which I found out it is not meaningful of sharing it online with other. The blog contents were just messy. I stopped writing the blog a few years to think about what things I wanna share with people. After a few years, I created a google blogger account for writing the meaningful blog in English. But the content I wrote was still too messy so I closed the blogger website. Now I started to structure a WordPress blog is based on the course needs. I learn so much from the start of I structure this WordPress blog.

When we start to build up the blog, we should think about the blog theme at first. The theme of the blog would affect what content you should write. The narrowing of the subject matter of the content makes the blog more unique. A unique content creation can shape the blog style. Second important is the Blog layout design. A user-friendly and nice Blog layout design can attract people to read your blog posts. But the layout of the blog layout is based on your content concept. The format, color, font style of the blog and the images we use in our blog are all we need to consider. Also, we should target the blog audience to develop our blog. Means what kind of blog audience we want to share the content with. Final we should understand the how to spread the content of our blog to others. As the approach of the effective spread could be more useful to attract people to browse our blog. Here I would explain the concept of structure this WordPress blog design.

Blog Theme, Contents and Audience

The blog theme is based on the course BCSM which mean the goal is clear. The content would be a focus on the research of media, movie, TV, social media and communication. The research of media, movie, TV, social media and communication relate the Media creation industry which means the audience I target is not only BCSM students. It also includes people who are researchers in the media creation industry. My blog post might affect their thinking as some of my blog posts are organized and analyzed according to a certain theory. I also add some memes while I write the blog post. Through the meme image I edited to make the exchange more abundant, create a resonance. Create more interactive and autonomous communication with people. The content of the blog would be academic and more meaningful that I expect.

Blog Style Design


螢幕快照 2018-07-13 下午10.50.01.png                             螢幕快照 2018-07-13 下午11.37.46.png

Baskerville 2                                                     Libre 2
design by Anders Norén.                                design by Automattic.

Blog Layout at the begin was the Baskerville 2 by Anders Norén design. Baskerville 2 layout provide all Content Options, including the ability to display my choice of full post content or excerpts on the blog and archives. It comes with a custom menu located below the title that shows multiple nested submenus. The more attraction was the Baskerville 2 post format. All Post Formats that Baskerville 2 supports, includes unique styles to help different kinds of content stand out. It seems Baskerville 2 layout as the best choice for me to choose. It is a crisp, responsive theme that displays my writing, photos, and videos in a dynamic grid layout.

However, I found out it is not good for the blog reader. The Baskerville 2 post format was easily confusing the reader choose the blog post to read. The reader didn’t know which blog post is new. The Baskerville 2 layout seems much more for the content company to build the website. It is not really designed for the blog website.

螢幕快照 2018-07-14 上午12.12.56.png

So, I changed the Baskerville 2 layout to the Libre 2 layout designed by Automattic. The Automattic’s Libre 2 layout design much better than Baskerville 2 layout. The Libre 2 layout is easier for the reader to follow up the new post. The stylish, classic look of the Libre 2 is for my personal longform writing blog. The main navigation bar stays fixed to the top of the screen while your visitors read, keeping the most important content at hands such as BCM 288, BCM 232, DIGC 202, DIGC 330, BCM 210, BCM 240, BCM 310 and BCM 332. These tags are my use of the course name of the BCSM program as the tag name to classify the content.


The image I set up on the top was the photo I took. We see the Cable and the TV noise in the photo which reminds people of the media and the communication. That is why I chose this photo as my blog website top image.

Blog Font Color and Font style

螢幕快照 2018-07-14 上午12.08.46.png

The blog font color of the title is red and the content text color is dark gray. The Anonymous Pro Regular I use as the blog post title font. This font gives the impression of a classic typewriter. Generally, the readers’ eyes often feel tired when they read a lot of text from the blog. It is very important to choose a comfortable font suitable for blog readers to read.

Blog Improvement

螢幕快照 2018-07-15 上午6.45.12The blog website layout is good but not good enough. I found out I didn’t put a Social Links menu to the right of the Header menu. I just put it in the Footer area and it’s not easy to notice. The  Social Links menu only link WordPress which means the spread of the blog website is a bit fail. In addition, there is too less content in the about me page. In the blog Improvement, I think I should add Twitter to the Social Links menu to improve the spread of the blog website and write more in the about me page. Also, enhance my blog writing skills as there are so many mistakes between sentence.

Week 7 & 8 : Research Proposal

The class BCM 240 named “Media Audience Place” which means we would learn to understand the audience’s reaction to the media.  People get the information via media when they are restricted to the same place. Their process and response to the use of the media are conveying messages to us. The performance of their behavior which can inspire us to evolve the media area. It is kinda similar to what a UX designer does.

UX designers focus not only on interface design, but also on everything that affects the user experience, such as information architecture, interactive design, Content, user perception, experience, needs, and values. UX designers need to examine user experience in using the interface through user interviews or qualitative-quantitative UX research methods. To make sure the result of the user experience is good or not. This is about the UX designer’s job but our work not on the graphics information. Our work is appropriate in video advertising production, media content creation, App Design, television program and film production etc which related to the media market, the digital market and the content market etc.

“The reaction of people to the electronic media advertising at the Hong Kong bus shelter”

Here is my research project of the class BCM 240 is “The reaction of people to the electronic media advertising at the Hong Kong bus shelter”.  This the topic first came up of my mind as it related to my further career as an advertising production or social media editor or a content creator.


Why I chose the bus shelter? The bus shelter is where people wait for the bus. In Hong Kong, most bus shelters have advertising light boxes. As of September 2012, the three Hong Kong franchised bus companies had a total of 7,016 bus shelters with billboards. Since the passengers necessary waiting at the bus shelter for a certain period of time so there is a relative time interval to watch the bus shelter advertisement.

Therefore, the bus shelter is a place suitable for outdoor publicity. Merchants also can select specific areas according to the needs of product services and target customers. The advertising lightboxes can be displayed 24 hours a day in front of pedestrians passing by bus shelter. According to the survey of the effectiveness of Nielsen’s bus shelter advertising lightboxes in 2010, 61% of respondents were able to recall the relevant advertisements seen at the bus shelter billboards.

You may confuse of how does the bus shelter advertising lightboxes related to our BCM 240 lesson “Media Audience Place”. Actually it does.

Nearly two years, I notice the bus shelter advertisements is different than others in Tsim Sha Tsui Nathan Road Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard. The advertiser not normally using the graphic poster to promote the product now. They are making advertisements for products at bus stops just like creating an Installation art. The Installation art” not only get attention from people. It is able to “interact” with people through the media. This makes me very interested to find out how people react of this electronic media advertising bus shelter and the efficiency of this advertising way to promote products.


1. Traditional ethnography
(Media + Audience, Face to Face interview)

2.Online ethnography
(Media + Audience, Online interview)

3. Digital ethnography
(Media + Audience + Place, sensory-based observations)

Observation Location:
1.Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road
2.Causeway Bay, SOGO

The number of people interview:

I think I may choose all of them as my collect data method. The observation location would be Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road and Causeway Bay, SOGO. The third observed location I still looking for as Hong Kong only have this two bus shelter advertisements are different than others.  Maybe I would find a street has lots of people to be my project observe the target. The number of people I will interview is around 5 to 10 people. I will record their voice as my interview data. I choose to keep the voice record as people may not willing to go on the camera even it is for the academic purpose. I will allow the interview people to speak Cantone or Mandarin during the interview and translate it into English and edit it to the video.

5 Research Question:

1. why the Hong Kong advertiser use the media way on the  Bus Shelter advertisements?

2. How do people react to this Bus Shelter media advertisements?

3. What do people think of the Hong Kong advertiser use the media way on the  Bus Shelter advertisements?

4. Is it really effective to get people’s attention?

5. Is this efficiency impact related to location?


Here is my time I plan to follow my project:

9/7   Tsim Sha Tsui, Nathan Road Bus Shelter Observation
12/7  Causeway Bay, SOGO Bus Shelter Observation
13/7  Other Bus Shelter Observation Location
14/7  Date for Interview
15/7  Data Check

16/7 Visual Data sorting
17/ 7 Visual Data Check


Anonymous. (n.d.). Hong Kong Bus stop advertisement. Retrieved from

Jcdecaux Cityscape. (n.d) Bus Shelter Retrieved from


Week 6: A shopping Mall Journey to Observe the Use of Public Information Displays and Media Services


In this week, we were requested to observe how the people use of public information displays and media services in the shopping mall and on MTR. I chose the Kowloon Tong  Festival Walk as my observing location.  Kowloon Tong  Festival Walk is a large shopping mall that connects to the subway station. The convenience of the transportation location and spaciousness shopping space make people ‘s shopping experience feel more comfortable. And this mall with more than 200 international brands stores,  the daily flow of people in the mall exceeds 100. Which means I can easy to take observing in this place. The following parts are the results of my observation through the shopping mall on that day:

The Skincare store & The Makeup store

IMG_20180613_163751.jpg螢幕快照 2018-07-07 上午4.56.12.png

First, my observation would focus on the makeup store. I notice many skincare stores and makeup stores like using LCD TVs or screens as the store’s display. ESTEE LAUDER has two big screens and one TV. LANCOME has over 5 LCD TVs which make the store more bright. Those of all screens were playing the video of the product and the presenting of using the product. Two women were attracted by the presenting video of after using the product on the screen. They were standing there and discuss the product while watching the product video. The LANCOME makeup store had 6 people in the store. They have seen like attracted by over 5 screens. One woman was in the makeup experience service. Her man was standing next to the 4 LCD TVs and out of the store. Her suit man was checking the phone screen. Other four women were checking the phone and wechat text their mainland friends for asking how many they should buy and discuss the product. One man wore the Tee-shirt was taking the photos and sending it to people. None of the people near the elevator were interested to pay attention to makeup store screens.

Lock on store

螢幕快照 2018-07-07 上午4.51.54.png
螢幕快照 2018-07-07 上午4.48.58.png

The next Lock store I was observing. I  find out the Crazy AARON’s Thinking Putty display near the door often gathered people. People always stop there and staring at the little screen. The little screen was presenting a video of make fun of playing the putty. After watching, they would pick up the product and check the product information. But they didn’t take any photos of the product and send it to others. Some of them would discuss with their friends after the video done.

Here we would be understanding how the use of the media as a product display affects people’s understanding of the product. The media product present is effective work on the people. It is a success of the advertisers use the media as a product presentation to get people attention.


Week 5: My Experience Of the Cinema Visit


I used to not always go to the cinema since I had not much money to spend on the film ticket when I was as young as 14 years old. I usually stay at and watch the movie on TV channel or bought some DVDs back home from VCD store. I enjoy watching the movie that I do have a cabinet for collecting movie DVDs. The movie DVDs I have collected are some of the biographical films, the drama films, the romance films, the teen films and the war films which won awards or finalists in some countries’ film festivals. I have no any experience of the cinema before my age 16. Even I have enough money to buy a movie ticket but my friends don’t. I would not go to a cinema alone as I think going to the cinema to watch a movie is a group activity.

The first time I enter the cinema when I was 16 years old. I remembered the first and the last haunted movie I watch with my 2 female friends was a Thailand film named “Coming Soon”. One of my friends was in charge of checking the movie release date and search the cinema location. At that time, using the phone to access the Internet is still not popular. My friend would be searched for the movie and cinema information with the desk computer at home before we go. After the release date and the cinema location confirmed, we would walk-in to buy the movie tickets. The cinema location was Tsuen Wan Cgolden Harvest Cinema. The cinema is big and clear.

It’s perfect but the movie ” Coming Soon ” is not perfectly for me to watch. As the film plot related to the cinema which made more scared of. In the process of watching the movie, I used my wool jacket to cover my head. I watched the whole movie from the hole of the jacket. I use my hands to cover my ears as the sound from the movie was kinda creepy. I heard someone scream while I was watching. My friends were pretty calm of watching the haunted movie’s plot. After the movie end, I went to the washroom and i heard two toilet cleaners were discussing the cinema toilet ghost story. It reminds me the plot of the haunted movie “Coming Soon”. Surely, I became more scared and worry. I left the washroom to calm down myself.

We see “The “Coming Soon” is successful of using the plot related to the cinema to scare the audience. I failed to watch the haunted movie.

After that, I always choose fantasy films to watch at the cinema with my friends. And I use the smartphones to search the movie information and buy the cinema tickets online now as using the smartphone to access the Internet has become popular.


Week 4: The internet Change Life

Remeber my father used to have no knowledge of the internet. We were so poor to have a computer when I was year 3 kindergarten student. It is not a very unusual situation in Hong Kong. When the desktop computers were sold in the HongKong market, its price was not affordable to the normal Hong Kong family. But when we were a student of kindergarten, we must learn how to use computers. Adult education in science and technology was not popular in those days.

My father bought a desktop computer home when I was a primary school year 2 student. The desktop computer was using a telephone line to connect to the network. The network speed at the time was kinda slow. My brother used it to play the Japan online game “StoneAge” (ストーンエイジ) and handle his homework. My father was not interested to use it at all as he has no computer knowledge. He used to write down his schedule on the notebook. He got the latest news from society through newspapers.

When the time 3G internet started develop, my father was trying to use the internet with the phone. He joined the data plan of the 3G phone but he didn’t use it at all. Since the portable network data was expensive and slow. After one year, he quit the data plan. Most time he accesses to information comes from television media and newspapers and magazines. The media of these entities.

The emergence of broadband and fiber and wifi connections has made the network faster and faster. My father officially joined the network. He uses the network to manage his work and use it to share his recipe with his friends. He uses the media to absorb social information. Especially, he enjoys of using the smartphone to watch horse races and checking the information of horse races. Yet, he also watches the drama he like on his little screen. I notice that he use his smartphone to handle all the things now.

Media networks become cheaper and more popular is based on we desire for time and space as our human spatial activity is often governed by limitations. Human spatial activity and the time are gradually under control by people own as the internet emancipated our time. I appreciate the internet change our life.



Week 3: The Value Of The Collaborative Media Ethnography

“Collaborative Media Ethnography” is actually a new term for me. What is the meaning between those words? I think it is an approach to collect the data probably as I notice the words of  “Ethnography” is a term that I learned from the last semester. Which means the “Collaborative Media Ethnography” structure and the format are kinda similar to the “Ethnography”. We believe that “Collaborative Media Ethnography” will be the next most important approach of the study in the future. It helps us to collect information in the study. The authenticity of the data is more accurate that we don’t need to doubt.

“Collaborative Media Ethnography” is about seeking the data access to information through the contact and collaborative with people. The collaborative affects the whole process of the study and the quality of the data. As a cooperative project led two individuals to work together as a team. The researcher and interviewees will work together as a team as well. The interviewees would have the opportunity to confirm the research findings of the researchers. Determine the results of the data based on the interviewees’ own cultural background as they are a part of the culture, not the researcher. The researcher as an observer who has no same cultural as the interviewees. Interviewees’ confirmation of the research results greatly enhanced the expressiveness and the valuableness of the data.

“Collaborative Media Ethnography”  is using media as a channel to collect the data for the study. We don’t confound of the digital age benefits the collaborative media ethnography develop. As the emergence of collaborative media ethnography is an extension of the digital age. The Internet is a place where people from all over the world can gather. We can easily reach people from different cultures and invite them as the interviewees and the cooperators to participate in our research team. Using media as a channel can effectively provide convenience for research also.

Some people may think the collaborative media ethnography is more time-consuming as it needs the interviewees’ verify on the result of the study. The ethnographic study has required long observations and records to collect data. In the ethnography of collaborating media, researchers may collaborate with multiple interviewees at the same time. Researchers may face the verification of results by multiple interviewees and may make multiple changes to the research process due to errors in the results of each verification. It spends more time than the ethnography study. But the worst of the “Collaborative Media Ethnography” is the data quality. However, the most valuable study approach is “Collaborative Media Ethnography”. Its data quality and authenticity are from the interviewees’ exact verification.

Imagine Our cooperation with interviewees is easier as the Youtubers vlog, Instagram photo, and Skype etc. made things happen. We can observe and follow up with the data provided by interviewees via the online social media. The online social media structures a great environment for the “Collaborative Media Ethnography” study. It is conducive to our research that what I believe in.