Assignment 3: Opinion Piece

About the truly goal of Feminism


On Sep. 20, 2014 [1.], a British actress and Goodwill Ambassador for U.N. Women Emma Watson had a speech of gender inequality and how to fight it. It was a great affecting speech. Emma Watson advocates to get males to join the feminist fight for gender equality. She is one of several women in the arts who have leveraged their high profile status to bring women’s rights issues to the public eye. She wishes the public can pay attention in close of the women’s rights issues. As a role for the advocate for U.N. Women gender equality campaign, Emma Watson participated the HeForShe.


HeForShe[2.] is a program dedicated to improving the status of women and inviting men and boys around the world to stand in solidarity with women and girls. A organization of the HeForShe led by the U.N.’s Elizabeth Nyamayaro and under the direction of Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.

Emma Watson promoted the message on the HeForShe initiative she launched: the important point of that must be achieved is harmful and destructive stereotypes of masculinity and behavioral expectations for boys and men have got to change. The change can make our society better. Emma Watson realizes the fight of the  gender inequality is not only for women. Emma Watson realizes the fight of the  gender inequality is not only women duty and it also a duty of males. Emma Watson ‘s  passion speech of the gender inequality fight affect our thinking. She tries to give impetus to make the gender equality a reality.

And yes, as a female we do have the issues of gender inequality when our life under the patriarchal society. In fact, the patriarchal social culture has existed ever since. Our gender label has been influenced by the stereotypes. Whether in the East or in the West, the identity of both men and women is based on their body’s workforce production and the image of the past. Males have the high physical labor production than females which most work used to need mainly manual labor. The power in the real society is controlled by men. Women’s job was low manual labor such as housewife or nanny.

How the traditional culture and the thinking influenced our gender identity ?
We sure our gender has been shaped by the East mythology or the West mythology. In Chinese mythology, the mythology’s female image is perfect and the status is supreme when it is in the matriarchal society but the female image in mythology is often discredited under the patriarchal society. In Greek mythology, the myth is shaped by the male which has the strong body and the power. Most of the female images in the myth look good but the low workforce production. The male shaped the images of women are the “other”.

However, we can have the choose to change. Our gender not supposed to limited by the gender stereotype as we also have the free individual rights. In the society today, we are talking about females’ rights situation still being low as we focus on the wrong direction. The females’ rights is also a business of males. The turely goal of the Feminism is obtaining due rights and status for females and pursue equality for all not just level up our females’ rights. We are looking for the fair and equitable for each people in our community and the world after all.

And yet, we heard the news of a Financial Times investigation found that female hostesses were groped at a men-only charity gala attended by hundreds of senior executives in UK lately. The FT reported that women working at this year’s black-tie event were given short, tight, black dresses, black high heels and a black belt resembling a corset. They told of men repeated dressing hands up their skirts and said one attendee exposed his penis to a hostess. [3.]

I astonish of this news which means that females have since been subjected to unequal treatment and disrespect. Also,the status of female and the female’s rights may be suppressed by environmental factors.

We are correct to emphasize feminism that women’s rights are not just strived for the liberation of women but the environment make the situation of female bad. Living in the patriarchal society, we see our females’ right low and condition awful as we have no help of the men. Men always have the right to make decisions in the real society. Why they are not try to fight for the feminism?


The author of the Le Deuxème Sexe [4.], Simone de Beauvoir believes that the success of women’s liberation can only be achieved by the common and determined will of men and women. As Beauvoir proposed not only to complain about men’s discrimination against women, but also meanly, sometimes cruel, acts.  At the same time, it also points out that women also have an unshirkable responsibility for the disadvantaged status of women. Beauvoir believes that females are passive, yield, lack of ambition.

Simone de Beauvoir and Emma Watson are believing the change of develop the females’ rights is related men and boys also. The men can give a good impetus to the Feminism as males are also a part of the world. The Feminism is seeking of geting equal opportunities. Undoubtedly, we are already have our free human right when we were born. We don’t enjoy of others label our mind or behavior limited by the gender stereotype. As the Emma Watson said, gender inequality and how to fight it based on males and females cooperation.

Feminism by definition is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of political, economic and social equality of the sexes.


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