Bollywood films are now popping up

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In recent times, Bollywood film cultural nationalism got the attention in the global arena gradually. Since 2009 a Bollywood comedy movie “3 Idiots” broke the Indian film’s box office record.It has been ranked at the Indian film at the box office third, the overseas box office two and third at the global box office.

However, the global attention to the Indian culture initiate is instead of the British director Danny Boyle and the Indian director Loveleen Tandan co-directed the film “Slumdog Millionaire”. Not due to the Bollywood film as a start. The film “Slumdog Millionaire” is a linchpin of Bollywood to integrate into the world.

Bollywood is a term of Hindi film industry which brought out about the Indian entertainment and also known as Indywood. As India is a Multi-ethnic country has so many different language and culture between the different regions. For ingratiate to different type audiences, the Bollywood production center produces Hindi and many other Indian languages such as Malayalam to adjust film to the localization.

Bollywood sell 1 billion more tickets than Hollywood

By revenue, Bollywood representing 43% of the net box office, while Telugu and Tamil cinema represents 36%, and the rest of the regional cinema constitutes 21% as of 2014. Which means Bollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world in terms of the number of people employed and the number of films produced evolution.

The India’s film industry has been striving for the development and cultivation.
Does Indian government have any strong incentives to the film industry?

The Indian government does the job but not good enough. Certainly, the Indian government granted “industry” status to film.And instructed Bollywood to set its establishment in order and speak the language of “corporatization”. India’s film industry market is subdivided by the “corporatization” language.It evidences the Indian government is trying endeavors to create additional employment opportunities for improving business opportunities and positioning India as another possible Hollywood – “Bollywood”.


Indeed, notwithstanding the government treats indifference with the film piracy and second-class treatment as the industry. Even the government tax is more serious. Bollywood and its regional sister film clusters still grow up to generate theatrical revenues of 150 billion rupees (US$2.3 billion) in 2016 but it has only a 6% share of global box office and generally low profitability that makes movie financing and production truly perilous.

Unfortunately, the federal government of India and various state governments figure out Bollywood film as a great cash cow. India production companies and individuals as professionals and service providers are reluctant to deliver the huge entertainment taxes and the Income taxes to the government. The Bollywood’s low-cost produce leads to a decline in industry quality without any financial assistance. The government only benefited from it and did not really support it.

The taxation of government is still a big issue for the Bollywood film producer. However, the Indian government is changing the environment of the film.Since 2016, the Indian government is organizing the agency to improve investments and increase film marketing opportunities.

  • The National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) for facilitation of film shooting in India and promotion of India as a destination for foreign production houses.
  • Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) is being promoted by Federation
    of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) with financial support by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to create 1.2 million skilled workforces by 2022 in the media and entertainment sector across 74 job profiles.
  • Additional film treaties are being explored by the Government of India, having recently entered into film treaties with China and South Korea, to not only avail film production benefits but also widen the reach of Indian cinema.
“Indian films are a crucial window through which the rest of world sees and gains insight into India’s culture.” by Bala Senthil Kumar

(Bala Senthil Kumar – a cinema industry professional based in South India)

The Indian government identified the Bollywood film is a method to share the Indian culture to the world. Through the Bollywood film to contact overseas markets to develop India self-economy and elevate social civilization.


Of course “The Slumdog Millionaire” is not produced from Indian Bollywood genuinely.But “The Slumdog Millionaire” is just like a preview of what Bollywood film and Indian culture are about for Bollywood novice. It provides us a useful conceptual grid of the relation to real social, cultural, political and economic context about the India.The Bollywood film would be entranced into overseas markets easily as the “Slumdog Millionaire” is the first great bomb out.It does change the Bollywood destiny. the Bollywood would be more globalization.

The next Indian film will be more of the global audience’s expectations surely.


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The Hong Kong Night Talk

Night Talk is a ViuTV night program at 11:30pm to 12am. It is a genre of television programming in which one person or group of people discuss various topics put forth by a talk show host. Night Talk would use the same scene to produce a week of seven-night talk shows. Each night will be arranged for the different talkers. It’s now the popular program in HongKong.

The Daily Night Talker:

Mon: Bed Talk
Wed: Book Test
Thu: Helmet Intercom
Fri: One Beside You 3
Sat: Men’s Talk
Sun: Bang Bang Channel

The Night Talk idea comes from the US Late-Night Talk Show where the format originated. It is kind of lifestyle television program. The program usually structured around humorous monologues about the day’s news, guest interviews, comedy sketches and music performances.

So are these Night Talk and Late Night Talk similar?


The Late Night Talk just one host to do an interview. Its drawn-out the political discourse beyond a few established voices, offered a close-up view of public figures and broadened the U.S. policy agenda. However, the host frequently disparaged American public discourse with a freak show approach that focused on hostility, shocking revelations, and stories of sexual encounters.

The Night Talk has 19 talk show hosts each night 3 talker. It’s more like a chat show as people talk in a friendly, informal way about different topics. They would provide the new information to audiences and explore the issue. Most topics are the reality of local.

The Favorite one is Helmet Intercom.

Why Talker: Helmet Intercom?

As Hong Kong network develop rapidly and the information distributes quickly on the social network. The cyberbullying is a serious illness in Hong Kong. People afraid to express the personal opinion so ViuTV created Helmet Intercom Night Talk Show. Explore the HongKong issues.