Assignment 2: Survey and Interview Data Analysis For the Study of how people double standard affect their behavior and thoughts.

The goal by collect the survey and interview data for study the individual project of the feminism and the gender issue. For set up the survey and the interview question is based to explore how people double standard affect their behavior and thoughts.  Via the questionnaire  and the interview responses, we can clearly realize the reason behind the feminism and the gender issue.

I structured total fifteen questions with my group members for the survey. Including shared part, individual part and  a part for the personal information. Total Thirty people participated responded our questionnaire.

83.9% Female and 16.1% participated our questionnaire. The age of the people who participated in the questionnaire is youth. Most of them are 20 – 25 years old, accounting for 61.3%. Followed by 16 – 20 years old, accounting for 32.3% then only a few of 26 years old or above. No 15 or below years old youth to participate our questionnaire.

I also designed three main questions for the individual project ‘s interview. Those issue is regarding people double standard and how it affect their behavior and thoughts. Two female and one male accepted my invite to join the group interview. Their average age is 20-22 years old.

螢幕快照 2018-03-21 下午6.28.44.pngThe Questionnaire Response Analysis

According to the question 1, people using the Facebook, Instagram and Youtube as their main platform. They use them few times a day which the data show us the score of Facebook and Instagram are over 20. Next is Youtube which have 20 and not many people interest of using Twitter. We see 5.9 points of people that they check Twitter only few time a week. 10.5 points of people never use the Twitter.

螢幕快照 2018-03-21 下午7.37.24

The question of 10, we are seeking the data about does social media affect people choices and what will they choose when it is affected by the social media in real life. Here i tend to focus on the result of social value that the people got the social media affect as the feminism and the gender issue belong with social value matter. According to the social value part, people recognize that their social value surely affect by the social media including Feminism. Strongly agree of 14 points and 16 points agree.  Including Feminism. Undoubtedly, the social media effect can change people’s social value powerfully. Since people share their idea to other people on the social media easily and quickly nowaday.

螢幕快照 2018-03-21 下午8.13.12.png

Part of  individual in questionnaire, I designed three questions of feminism and the gender issue. 

Here is my three questions:

1.) Some girls cover their mouth while eating the food. Do you agree them as a true women through some behaviour such as the way they eat?

2.) Is ‘goddess ‘ a description only for the female who had elegant acts and perfect body or gorgeous face?

3.) Do you agree woman can perform a male job, if she has the same ability as a man?

螢幕快照 2018-03-21 下午9.00.04.png

According the individual question 1, people agree some girls cover their mouth while eating the food is a true women behaviour, 18 points. Next individual question 2 show us that many people think ‘goddess ‘ is not a description only for the female who had elegant acts and perfect body or gorgeous face, 13 points of disagree but  some people admit it. Individual question 3, people strongly agree that woman can perform a male job, if she has the same ability as a man.

The result of the questionnaire show us that people think personal behavior related our gender. Our behavior may be limited by what people stereotyped thought. It probably relate our gender and our local culture. Including language also affects or limits our recognition of our gender. Even people understand that woman can perform a male job, if she has the same ability as a man. However, they still affected by the gender stereotype.

Analysis of the Focus Group Interview

I has a focus group interview for the young people about study of how people double standard affect their behavior and thoughts. I set up questions on personal standard, culture, language and personal feelings about the gender issue.

1.) What is your standards of male and female?

2.) How do you think of the Cantonese slangs ” goddess” ?

3.) If people criticize your behaviors related your gender  by their gender double standards. Like your act not like a girl supposed to. Girls should be elegant. What do you think and Feeling?

I found out that people standards of male and female is due to the physiological differences not from the stereotype culture or personal behaviour. But the social media affected of what they thought of the gender standard. They don’t think people criticize the behaviors related the gender  by their gender double standard is a thing.  They tend to ignore the comments of people as They believe that people cannot restrict the right to freedom of choice because of gender. They are chill to people who criticize people with personal criteria. They feel okay of those criticize and didn’t think the criticism is a kind of gender discrimination.


After the analysis of Survey and Interview data, we surely notice that young people standards of male and female is changing. The people standards changing by the social media effect. Social media promote information that people have the freedom to choose.  Our behavior not limited by the stereotype culture of gender and we just have different physiological.


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