240 Review of the Blog Design

The departure of having this blog is the need for BCMS courses. Before this course, I used to own Qooza blog, Xanga and Google blogger long times ago. The content of Qooza blog and Xanga is different from that of this WordPress blog. The content of the Qooza blog and Xanga is mostly related to my private life. I spent a lot of time designing the Qooza blog and the Xanga page. Even if the blog page design was good but the content is not attractive. Most of the blog content was talking about my emotions and life which I found out it is not meaningful of sharing it online with other. The blog contents were just messy. I stopped writing the blog a few years to think about what things I wanna share with people. After a few years, I created a google blogger account for writing the meaningful blog in English. But the content I wrote was still too messy so I closed the blogger website. Now I started to structure a WordPress blog is based on the course needs. I learn so much from the start of I structure this WordPress blog.

When we start to build up the blog, we should think about the blog theme at first. The theme of the blog would affect what content you should write. The narrowing of the subject matter of the content makes the blog more unique. A unique content creation can shape the blog style. Second important is the Blog layout design. A user-friendly and nice Blog layout design can attract people to read your blog posts. But the layout of the blog layout is based on your content concept. The format, color, font style of the blog and the images we use in our blog are all we need to consider. Also, we should target the blog audience to develop our blog. Means what kind of blog audience we want to share the content with. Final we should understand the how to spread the content of our blog to others. As the approach of the effective spread could be more useful to attract people to browse our blog. Here I would explain the concept of structure this WordPress blog design.

Blog Theme, Contents and Audience

The blog theme is based on the course BCSM which mean the goal is clear. The content would be a focus on the research of media, movie, TV, social media and communication. The research of media, movie, TV, social media and communication relate the Media creation industry which means the audience I target is not only BCSM students. It also includes people who are researchers in the media creation industry. My blog post might affect their thinking as some of my blog posts are organized and analyzed according to a certain theory. I also add some memes while I write the blog post. Through the meme image I edited to make the exchange more abundant, create a resonance. Create more interactive and autonomous communication with people. The content of the blog would be academic and more meaningful that I expect.

Blog Style Design


螢幕快照 2018-07-13 下午10.50.01.png                             螢幕快照 2018-07-13 下午11.37.46.png

Baskerville 2                                                     Libre 2
design by Anders Norén.                                design by Automattic.

Blog Layout at the begin was the Baskerville 2 by Anders Norén design. Baskerville 2 layout provide all Content Options, including the ability to display my choice of full post content or excerpts on the blog and archives. It comes with a custom menu located below the title that shows multiple nested submenus. The more attraction was the Baskerville 2 post format. All Post Formats that Baskerville 2 supports, includes unique styles to help different kinds of content stand out. It seems Baskerville 2 layout as the best choice for me to choose. It is a crisp, responsive theme that displays my writing, photos, and videos in a dynamic grid layout.

However, I found out it is not good for the blog reader. The Baskerville 2 post format was easily confusing the reader choose the blog post to read. The reader didn’t know which blog post is new. The Baskerville 2 layout seems much more for the content company to build the website. It is not really designed for the blog website.

螢幕快照 2018-07-14 上午12.12.56.png

So, I changed the Baskerville 2 layout to the Libre 2 layout designed by Automattic. The Automattic’s Libre 2 layout design much better than Baskerville 2 layout. The Libre 2 layout is easier for the reader to follow up the new post. The stylish, classic look of the Libre 2 is for my personal longform writing blog. The main navigation bar stays fixed to the top of the screen while your visitors read, keeping the most important content at hands such as BCM 288, BCM 232, DIGC 202, DIGC 330, BCM 210, BCM 240, BCM 310 and BCM 332. These tags are my use of the course name of the BCSM program as the tag name to classify the content.


The image I set up on the top was the photo I took. We see the Cable and the TV noise in the photo which reminds people of the media and the communication. That is why I chose this photo as my blog website top image.

Blog Font Color and Font style

螢幕快照 2018-07-14 上午12.08.46.png

The blog font color of the title is red and the content text color is dark gray. The Anonymous Pro Regular I use as the blog post title font. This font gives the impression of a classic typewriter. Generally, the readers’ eyes often feel tired when they read a lot of text from the blog. It is very important to choose a comfortable font suitable for blog readers to read.

Blog Improvement

螢幕快照 2018-07-15 上午6.45.12The blog website layout is good but not good enough. I found out I didn’t put a Social Links menu to the right of the Header menu. I just put it in the Footer area and it’s not easy to notice. The  Social Links menu only link WordPress which means the spread of the blog website is a bit fail. In addition, there is too less content in the about me page. In the blog Improvement, I think I should add Twitter to the Social Links menu to improve the spread of the blog website and write more in the about me page. Also, enhance my blog writing skills as there are so many mistakes between sentence.


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