BCM 310 Research Project Reflection

The Digital Artifact Topic:

The Self-branding Online

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[url]: https://keirnawon4592.wixsite.com/self-brandingonline

The topic of my digital artifact is based on the BCM 310 week 1 lecture ” The Self, Self-branding” and a rethinking of my week 1 blog  “The Matter Of Our Online Image Via the Selfie”. When a lecturer was asking me is this research topic related to my future career and my answer is yes. Assessment 3 is a research project that you can use as a portfolio when you are looking for a job in the future. When you provide a portfolio as a reference to the company interviewer, it means the chance of admission increases.

My future career is to be a multimedia designer or a social media editor. The multimedia designer’s work needs to manage social media pages and advertising graphic design projects; including design projects from conception, design, creation, media design; photography, film shooting and post-editing. The multimedia designer will also follow up with the marketing department colleagues on the design project.

Social media editors are responsible for content creation, editing, daily interaction and maintenance promotion of social media advertisements such as FB/IG, planning, writing and producing life topics and content. Social media editors are also responsible for optimizing, planning, designing creative videos and programs, and writing follow-up videos and program content. Social media editors need to edit manuscripts to ensure the quality and accuracy of text and content and actively participate in creative and strategic work. Managing and executing social media activities (including Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, etc.) is also an important part of the social media editor.

The nature of both professions involves online media. The online media company pays great attention to the concept of self-branding as a self-branding can also representing the company not only yourself. Develop the self-branding online is a benefit to the company and your own.


The methodology I use is an interview to collect the primary data and analysis the secondary data from the academic sources. I also searched the website’s article as my reference which related my research topic. Surely these methodology to collect the data benefit to develop my research project.


I found one female and one male as my interview target. They both started their own business and career on the online media. They have been running their business and career for a while which perfectly fit my research project interview request. However, when I ask them two on camera and record their voice as a record and they reject.  As the privacy issues, so I would only show the interview written record on the digital artifact. There are 14 interview questions I have set. These questions I designed from shallow to deep to guide the respondents feel at ease to answer my questions.

The platform

The platform I final use is creating a Wix website. Wix is a platform for people where they can create their own website to develop the business plan. The interface of the Wix platform is easy to use and management. The most important thing is creating a Wix wouldn’t increase my Macbook workload. Actually, I used to tend the Prezi as my research project platform at first. However, my MacBook Pro body was so hot and the motor was making the loud noise when I was editing the Prezi. I was afraid that my MacBook may shut down in suddenly. So I transferred from Prezi to Wix Website platform.


The most challenge of this research project is to make my direction clear. And I always confused about the question the lecturer ask me of what difference between self-branding and the personal branding. When I search the word “Self-branding” on google, the search result always shows me the website with the word “Personal branding”.  I ask myself again and again about the meaning of self-branding and person branding. Finally, I realize the difference between self-branding and the personal branding from my past design knowledge I learned. They are not exactly the same thing. This is what I experience that you can think of the question again and again and try to answer it when you feel confused. The answer to the question appears in your repeated thinking. The way is work to me to find the answer to the confused question. Also, one of the academic articles is hard to read. I need more time to digest content.


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