BCM 332 Digital Artifact And the Contextual Statement

500 words

Rights Of the Press Liberty in China


This digital artifact topic is related to my previous case study ” Rights Of the Press Liberty in China” which is about the journalist encountered some issues while they try to interview in China.

In China, rough treatment and blocking the interviews always happen to the journalists. The digital artifact I edited the shows you the evidence of how China official stop the journalists broadcast the truth and rethinking why they treat the reporter like this.

A part of the clip is from the BBC News China journalist John Sudworth was trying to interview Liu Hui Zhen who try to be a Beijing Independent Candidate. They got the deal to have an interview but the interview was blocked by unknown people.

On November 17 in 2016, China was conducting local elections. 9 billion Chinese voters are electing 2.5 million local people’s congress representatives. Liu Hui Zhen is a person who tries to exercises legal rights to stand for election to be a Beijing Independent Candidate.

When the BBC News China journalist John Sudworth went to the respondent ‘s house door, the strangers follow and started to side by side to block the way into the house. John Sudworth tried to knock on the door and the strangers wanted to stop him.

Liu Hui Zhen heard the sound and came out to see the BBC News China journalist John Sudworth. Liu Hui Zhen invited the BBC News China journalist to come to her house and talk but the way enter her house was blocked by the stranger men. Liu Hui Zhen told the BBC News China journalist that she didn’t know the strangers at all.

When Liu Hui Zhen was receiving an interview with John Sudworth outside the door, these stranger men started the action. They forcibly closed her house door. After Liu Hui Zhen opened the window to continue the interview, they use the things to block the window, block her speak up. The strangers used their hand to cover the camera and told the BBC News China journalist to stop recording. The strangers shouted the BBC News China journalist to get out of there. In the process of being blocked, we saw that one of them had an attack weapon which means if they continue to interview, they may be treated with violence.

In this fragment of access blocked, we see the journalists are not allowed to interview Chinese citizen about the China government and society issues even they got the deal with the interview respondents. The obstruction of the right to interview in the news means that the freedom of the news is restricted. At the same time, the people lost their rights to know about the current state of the real society.

The loss of their rights is due to China’s social system.

“The Communist Party of China is the core of the leadership of the entire Chinese people. Without such a core, the cause of socialism cannot be won.”

(Speech by Mao Zedong when he met with all the representatives of the Third National Congress of the Chinese New Democratic Youth League, May 25, 1957)

“The people rely on us to organize. The reactionaries of China rely on us to organize the people to fight against him. Anything that is reactionary, if you not bit them all down, they still there. This is the same as sweeping the floor. If the broom does not sweep it, the dust will not disappear by itself. ”

(“The Situation After the Victory of the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and Our Policy” by Mao Zedong, August 13, 1945)

The concept of the political system that the party represents the entire Chinese people which means one person’s opposition to the government is tantamount to the entire Chinese people even their oppose are good or bad. Any questioning and oppose will affect people’s trust in the government. The government’s power is generated and consolidated by the people’s trust.


Alain De Botton who is the Author of “The News” was keenly aware that after modern people left school, the channels of education and knowledge were news. News reports should eliminate ignorance, overcome prejudice, and enhance personal and national wisdom. The meaning he gave to the news stems from the public commitment and social responsibility of the intellectuals. This is what Alain De Botton think of the journalist’s duties.

And the news is the opportunity to give people a reflection on social issues. We believe that in a democratic society, the fourth power of news is given by the people, the orientation of news reports, entry points, issues of concern, positions, and disputes directly reflect the views of the people.

But under the autocratic social system, freedom of the press is the trigger for people to question the government. The government may feel uneasy when the power of press freedom has weakened the government’s power. This is why authoritarian governments continue to block the freedom of news.


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