Week 6: A shopping Mall Journey to Observe the Use of Public Information Displays and Media Services


In this week, we were requested to observe how the people use of public information displays and media services in the shopping mall and on MTR. I chose the Kowloon Tong  Festival Walk as my observing location.  Kowloon Tong  Festival Walk is a large shopping mall that connects to the subway station. The convenience of the transportation location and spaciousness shopping space make people ‘s shopping experience feel more comfortable. And this mall with more than 200 international brands stores,  the daily flow of people in the mall exceeds 100. Which means I can easy to take observing in this place. The following parts are the results of my observation through the shopping mall on that day:

The Skincare store & The Makeup store

IMG_20180613_163751.jpg螢幕快照 2018-07-07 上午4.56.12.png

First, my observation would focus on the makeup store. I notice many skincare stores and makeup stores like using LCD TVs or screens as the store’s display. ESTEE LAUDER has two big screens and one TV. LANCOME has over 5 LCD TVs which make the store more bright. Those of all screens were playing the video of the product and the presenting of using the product. Two women were attracted by the presenting video of after using the product on the screen. They were standing there and discuss the product while watching the product video. The LANCOME makeup store had 6 people in the store. They have seen like attracted by over 5 screens. One woman was in the makeup experience service. Her man was standing next to the 4 LCD TVs and out of the store. Her suit man was checking the phone screen. Other four women were checking the phone and wechat text their mainland friends for asking how many they should buy and discuss the product. One man wore the Tee-shirt was taking the photos and sending it to people. None of the people near the elevator were interested to pay attention to makeup store screens.

Lock on store

螢幕快照 2018-07-07 上午4.51.54.png
螢幕快照 2018-07-07 上午4.48.58.png

The next Lock store I was observing. I  find out the Crazy AARON’s Thinking Putty display near the door often gathered people. People always stop there and staring at the little screen. The little screen was presenting a video of make fun of playing the putty. After watching, they would pick up the product and check the product information. But they didn’t take any photos of the product and send it to others. Some of them would discuss with their friends after the video done.

Here we would be understanding how the use of the media as a product display affects people’s understanding of the product. The media product present is effective work on the people. It is a success of the advertisers use the media as a product presentation to get people attention.



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