Week 5: My Experience Of the Cinema Visit


I used to not always go to the cinema since I had not much money to spend on the film ticket when I was as young as 14 years old. I usually stay at and watch the movie on TV channel or bought some DVDs back home from VCD store. I enjoy watching the movie that I do have a cabinet for collecting movie DVDs. The movie DVDs I have collected are some of the biographical films, the drama films, the romance films, the teen films and the war films which won awards or finalists in some countries’ film festivals. I have no any experience of the cinema before my age 16. Even I have enough money to buy a movie ticket but my friends don’t. I would not go to a cinema alone as I think going to the cinema to watch a movie is a group activity.

The first time I enter the cinema when I was 16 years old. I remembered the first and the last haunted movie I watch with my 2 female friends was a Thailand film named “Coming Soon”. One of my friends was in charge of checking the movie release date and search the cinema location. At that time, using the phone to access the Internet is still not popular. My friend would be searched for the movie and cinema information with the desk computer at home before we go. After the release date and the cinema location confirmed, we would walk-in to buy the movie tickets. The cinema location was Tsuen Wan Cgolden Harvest Cinema. The cinema is big and clear.

It’s perfect but the movie ” Coming Soon ” is not perfectly for me to watch. As the film plot related to the cinema which made more scared of. In the process of watching the movie, I used my wool jacket to cover my head. I watched the whole movie from the hole of the jacket. I use my hands to cover my ears as the sound from the movie was kinda creepy. I heard someone scream while I was watching. My friends were pretty calm of watching the haunted movie’s plot. After the movie end, I went to the washroom and i heard two toilet cleaners were discussing the cinema toilet ghost story. It reminds me the plot of the haunted movie “Coming Soon”. Surely, I became more scared and worry. I left the washroom to calm down myself.

We see “The “Coming Soon” is successful of using the plot related to the cinema to scare the audience. I failed to watch the haunted movie.

After that, I always choose fantasy films to watch at the cinema with my friends. And I use the smartphones to search the movie information and buy the cinema tickets online now as using the smartphone to access the Internet has become popular.



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