Week 4: The internet Change Life

Remeber my father used to have no knowledge of the internet. We were so poor to have a computer when I was year 3 kindergarten student. It is not a very unusual situation in Hong Kong. When the desktop computers were sold in the HongKong market, its price was not affordable to the normal Hong Kong family. But when we were a student of kindergarten, we must learn how to use computers. Adult education in science and technology was not popular in those days.

My father bought a desktop computer home when I was a primary school year 2 student. The desktop computer was using a telephone line to connect to the network. The network speed at the time was kinda slow. My brother used it to play the Japan online game “StoneAge” (ストーンエイジ) and handle his homework. My father was not interested to use it at all as he has no computer knowledge. He used to write down his schedule on the notebook. He got the latest news from society through newspapers.

When the time 3G internet started develop, my father was trying to use the internet with the phone. He joined the data plan of the 3G phone but he didn’t use it at all. Since the portable network data was expensive and slow. After one year, he quit the data plan. Most time he accesses to information comes from television media and newspapers and magazines. The media of these entities.

The emergence of broadband and fiber and wifi connections has made the network faster and faster. My father officially joined the network. He uses the network to manage his work and use it to share his recipe with his friends. He uses the media to absorb social information. Especially, he enjoys of using the smartphone to watch horse races and checking the information of horse races. Yet, he also watches the drama he like on his little screen. I notice that he use his smartphone to handle all the things now.

Media networks become cheaper and more popular is based on we desire for time and space as our human spatial activity is often governed by limitations. Human spatial activity and the time are gradually under control by people own as the internet emancipated our time. I appreciate the internet change our life.




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