Week 2: The Television Memories Of My Father.

My father is a busy man who not has enough time to watch the television nowadays. When he comes home from work in the morning, he would turn the TV at first. It is his time to enjoy watching TV News. He likes talking to the TV while the TV News reporter presenting the government policy or the world’s press. He always gives his response to the content of the news. It is his hobby.

In addition to watching TV in the morning, he also likes to watch the horse racing game on the racing day alone. His left hand is holding the Newspaper of the horse racing and right hand holding his smartphone. He turned on the Jockey Club App and check each horse odds sometimes. His eyes are staring at TV program of horse racing. He would make a call when he wants to bet the money on horse racing. He is not using the Jockey Club App to bet that I questioned on. My father told me that he doesn’t trust the app at all so he tends to make a call by phone for the bet on horse racing.

While my father finished his time on the horse racing tv program. I asked my father about his watching tv experience in the old days as I am curious of a horse racing lover’s experience of watching TV in the past.

My father told me there was no horse racing tv program when he was young. Before age 28, he was living in a small village of  China. At the age of 17, no one in the small village had television. Their entertainment is to watch a movie at the open basketball court. The movie is played on the open basketball court’s stage curtain. The movie plays mainly at night time. Most of the films are produced in China like “South-legged North War“(1952). Some movies are purchased from foreign countries such as India movie ” AWARA”(1951) and  Yugoslavian (the Republic of Serbia nowadays) movie “Walter Defends Sarajevo” (1972). At the age of 18, village government built a cinema for entertain people.

At the age of 20, my father’s neighbor was a first one who had the TV in the small village. The television was about 12 inches old black and white TV. The TV adjusts the channel by the antenna and only had one TV channel. Around 8 p.m., villagers throughout the village will enter this family’s home to watch TV include my father. There were about 30 people shared the TV at the same time. Most TV program productions were from China and Hong Kong. Some TV programs from Japan. After age 25, my father rarely watches TV because of work. 28 years old my father bought a television home for my family. The screen of the TV was colored. After he bought the TV, he only watched it when he finished the bath.

After I talked to my dad, I realize how lucky I am. Now we don’t need to share the TV with others and we can choose what we want to watch. We watch all we want on our phone any time without any people bother.


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