The Virtual World We Invest in

Sci-Fi animation has been developed four formats of the story plots, including “Mechanical Worship: a huge mechanical “Ingenuity” interpretation”, “End of World Destruction: Cruel aesthetics in a sense of crisis”, “Shell and Human: the sober outlook on artificial intelligence” and “Virtual Reality: future use awareness connect or enter the network”. Through the classification of the sci-fi animation we understand that animation is not just a fantasy or for entertaining our childhood only. It is also connected with our real world. The creator always bringing out a message via the Sci-Fi animation to keep us thinking of the situation now and the future.

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Coil A Circle of Children
The new format of  Sci-Fi animation “Virtual Reality” started to develop since 2007. In 2007, Japan education channel NHK ‘s animation director Iso Mitsuo produced his first animation which called “Coil A Circle of Children“. The “Coil A Circle of Children” is a Sci-Fi animation telling us about the worry of the VR future.

Before the emergence of virtual reality games, virtual reality technology has been developed. A person using a virtual reality device can “observe” the artificial world, move within it, and interact with virtual features or objects. Transmission of vibrations and other sensations to the user through game controllers or other devices. This VR system is called a haptic system. From 1970 to 1990, this force feedback is often used in the VR industry mainly provided VR equipment for medical, flight simulation, automotive industry design and military training purposes. As the Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated scene that simulates a real-life experience. The immersive environment can be similar to the real world in order to create realistic experiences based on reality or sci-fi. The Virtual Reality is useful for training personnel.

The Virtual Reality technology applied in the game also. Headsets like the Sega VR and Nintendo’s Virtual Boy have been around since the late 1980s, but the technology is finally coming into its own thanks to the Oculus Rift.

However, Philip Rosedale never give up the possible of Virtual Reality development away. Philip Rosedale is an American entrepreneur, best known as the founder of the virtual world Second Life. He is fulfilled his lifelong dream of creating an Internet -scale virtual world. In 1999, entrepreneur Philip Rosedale founded the Linden Lab, initially focusing on the development of VR hardware. Initially, the company is trying to make a commercial version of “The Rig”, which is implemented in prototype form. Users can wear several computer monitors on their shoulders But It looked like bulky steel toy. So the concept was later adapted to a personal computer-based 3D virtual world, Second Life.

We were not well of develop the Virtual Reality technology and the hand carry VR devices that we had in the past but Philip Rosedale created the concept of second life. The concept of second life and the Virtual Reality technology are also use in game design. we are appreciated of “the second life” and the Virtual Reality technology entertain our life but we also afraid of the negative impact behind the virtual world.

After three years, Japanese animation industry produced the Sci-Fi animation related the Virtual Reality has continued to emerge.

2010 BTOOOM!
2012 Sword Art Online Season 1
2013 Recovery of an MMO Junkie
2014 Sword Art Online Season 2
2016 GATE Season 1
2017 GATE Season 2
2017 Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 1
2017 Himouto! Umaru-chan Season 2
2018 Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Those Virtual Reality format’s Sci-Fi animation told us about the possible negative impact of join the Virtual World behind the joy. We own our second life and our second identity in the virtual community. It is a gift from the virtual world but somehow we will feel confused of between reality and virtuality if we are too addicted to the virtual life too long. And it also has an impact on physical and mental health.

Myopia is a growing problem around the world. In the United States, studies show, nearsightedness rose from only 25% of the population in the 1970s to over 40% by 2000. About 10 million American adults are considered “severely nearsighted.”And according to Richard Gallagher, director of the Children’s Research Institute at the New York University Children’s Research Center, those players who focus on the style of first-person shooter games may adopt independent views on society or develop radical ideas and tendencies.

We see the bad impact on our body but we sure do have some good impact if we join the Virtual World and enjoy the game in moderation.Research has demonstrated that people who play action video games exhibit better visual attention, motor control abilities, and short-term memory.

About the teamwork and cooperation when playing with others, many multiplayer games, such as Team Fortress 2, work with other online players to win. These games encourage players to make full use of their personal skills to contribute to the team. According to a survey by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, teachers reported that their students became better collaborators after using digital games in the classroom.

By the Virtual Reality formats Sci-Fi animation plots understanding and the research about the impact of people join the Virtual world. We realize enter the Virtual Game World for the life escape and relieve stress. As we got the second life in virtual community. Own the different identity. Via the game we got the joy different than our real life. This is the reason why people invest in Virtual game. My individual is focus on people live with video game. Observe their behavior to shopping the video game. Any act detail can be related their experience of playing the game or their own life. It also related the game market trend that we see from customer.

Observe plan


Place: Mon Ko Sino Centre, 1/F-2/F
Date: April 4, 2018 Wednesday
Time: 6pm – 7pm

螢幕快照 2018-04-08 上午7.25.28.png

Place: Golden Computer Arcade, G/F
Date: April 5, 2018 Thursday
Time: 6pm – 7pm

Target: Employees of the game store, Customers

The observe place i choose is  Mon Ko Sino Centre. Sino Centre only got seven game shops. The second place is Golden Computer Arcade, G/F as it is a  shopping malls for selling video games. All of the twenty shops  has the ps4 games, Switch game for game lover buy. Both places are the main game selling place in Hong Kong. Observie time started at 6 pm to 7 pm. This is when Hong Kong people complete their work from the company. My observe target would be employees of the game store and customers.

Mon Ko Sino Centre  Observe

Mon Ko Sino Centre Observe video Full Record

Customer – Three Primary School students
Student A
Student B
Student C

20180310_183544螢幕快照 2018-04-08 上午11.07.52.png

I looked around When i was counting of the game store. I found out there has three Primary School students was buying the switch games and the Ps4 game in the small game store next to the bigger game store. After they finished of buy the games, they started to discuss about the detail of the video games exciting. I saw they had the big smile on their face. A one of the primary school student was touching her friend student A’s arm when she explained the emotional of finally got her favorite video games. Five mins after, her face looked a bit sad. She told friend A she still want the special Switch controller. Friend student B told her they had the free to look around if student C want. I met the three Primary School students 5 times in the Sino Centre. They looked around of searching low price special Switch controller. They asking the game store employer about price and how difference between normal controller where the small game store in the lane. The game store employe said no difference between normal controller but just not same color. Student C was thanks for the employer answer her and left the lane without buying anything. She back to the small store she just went in and bought the games. She looked up the environment of the small game store.  She told her friends she didn’t want to buy there as the price a bit expensive. Her friends suggested she Student C to go in the bigger game store next to the small game store. They went in the store and looked around. Student C chose the red Switch controller and asked the game store employee about the price. I heard the price as same as the small store’s one. Student C was thinking 23 mins. After she bought the red one finally. She gave up of searching the low price Switch controller and accept the price as she said to her friends of realize the red one price is valuable.

Customer – Mainland  Chinese tourists

I met Mainland  Chinese tourists when i observed the three Primary School students. In game store of the lane, i heard a couple tourists of Mainland  Chinese were speaking to the store man. They were asking about the new Ps4 game. The store man told them he got the stock of the game they were asking. The couple tourists of Mainland  Chinese  gratitude the store man and ready to buy it. When they were paying for the game, the girl told the store man about China game stores already sold out this Ps4 game. They came to Hong Kong just for the Ps4 game. The store man told her if she want some video game, she can give him  a call to hold the item. When i want to left the Sino Centre, i saw three Mainland  Chinese teenage boy was standing in front of the game store. They asked the game store woman about the game they looked for but the store woman said no and not willing to answer or help them.

Golden Computer Arcade Observe

Golden Computer Arcade Observe video Full Record


Customer – Hong Kong family

螢幕快照 2018-04-08 上午7.23.13.png

Observe Video Record of people talking in the Golden Computer Arcade

In Golden Computer Arcade, i realize here has so many  Hong Kong family Buying video games. They were buying the Switch host computer here. I heard a son was asking his mother opinion of which kind of game should he choose. Her son want to buy a game to play with his mother. His mother told the son it’s alright to buy the one he like. After this, I walked around few mins. I saw a little boy was using the arcade controller to play the low pixel Street fighting game. His father stand next to him and watch the Street fighting game he play.

Customer – Three foreigner  male tourists

Three foreigner  male tourists walked around and searching the games. When they saw the arcade controller, they was standing in front of the game store. They started chatting each other about the kids memories of the arcade controller. The employer was swear them and told his emotional to other store man. Did they buy or not? The was employereer annoying of people just standing without buying observie analysis. More of the employer are male , only 1% female.

Via the observed of the young game lover behavior we realize the age of game lover and the game market. Nowaday, young people start playing video game when they were in primary School. They like to share the experience of buying the game or playing the game. Playing video game can bring the young people to enter a social group. They don’t have the bad psychological affect them like feeling alone as they got the friends from the game community. Also, playing video game make them to be  pursue the enjoyment of life from choose games or controller. They wanna be stylish and professional in game area. Also, Hong Kong family think game playing is a family activity to contact their relationship. As the parent, they don’t resisting their children to play the game. By observed what i had seen Mainland  Chinese young tourists come to Hong Kong for buying the video game not only travel since the serious shortage of game inventory in China. The Hong Kong game store employees are willing to help Mainland  Chinese young tourists to keep the game goods when they come to Hong Kong again. We see the games stock shortage in China can be a opportunity of expand the market for selling games. The service attitude and service system would be important points as most Mainland  Chinese using the online shopping platform to buy things and Use digital money to pay.


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