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Sci-fi animation is a category of  animation. The main content is to describe such as science and technology in the future, time travel, travel at super speed, parallel universe, extraterrestrial life, artificial intelligence, misplaced history and other related scientific imagination.It is a sub-culture stemming from science fiction culture and is closely related to the more rigorous academic field of futurology. Most of the social forms of the science fiction animation context are related to the future, or to an overhead world that once possessed ancient and advanced civilizations, apparently where civilizations have collapsed or regressed. It also including the element of Utopia, Dystopian, Space Fantasy and a morbid future society that is overly dependent on artificial intelligence, virtual reality or other high technology.


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“BEATLESS” is one of my favorite Japanese science fiction animation. It adapted from the original light novel author Toshiyasu Haseya’s creation and redjuice as the original illustrator. The plot of “BEATLESS” is regarding the future world of 100 years later, the vast majority of society entrusted to the “thing” of the machinery – called hIE humanoid robot. The emergence of ultra-advanced AI “Higgins,” beyond the limits of human intelligence, led to the birth of artificial intelligence far beyond the technological level of mankind, the “non-arrival of human beings.”

In the meantime, the five hiE model machines escaped by accident. They all have their own special weapon and the meaning of independent existence but their existence may cause a war. The five hiE machines which have the young girl shape that started fight to each other and may possibly involved to the world. One day, a 17-year-old boy Arato Endo who was suddenly attacked. The hiE machine girl Type-005 Named Lacia with a weapon “Black coffin” saved Arato Endo and entered into the master-slave contract.

In the face of this beyond imagination the humanoid machinery as almost human and almost “things”. Do people trust the humanoid machinery that have a close to human thinking? It’s about the encounter of the girl with the boy and “human” with “humanoid machinery ” which is the farewell or coexistence of human beings with the existence of the humanoid artificial intelligence.

Beatless EP 2 – Analog Hack (started at 11:24)

I trend to introduce this Sci-fi animation as it kinda different from the other Sci-fi animation I watched in the past such as Gundam series animation, Macross 7, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Valvrave the Liberator and ALDNOAH ZERO. Their storyline belongs to the utopian and dystopian social forms. Label the machine as a tool as a weapon that human control. In the “BEATLESS”, the writer label the machine which have a human shape with emotional function as a “thing” that almost close to human. That is very interesting. He put forward the theory of the machine “Analog Hack”. “Analog Hack” is a meaning of the humanoid machine enter human society by imitating human natural behavior easily.  It is remind me of nowaday every countries tried to build up a Life-Like robot with the emotional function. Through the visual form of science fiction animation, the author leads the audience to experience the social and moral contradictions brought about by future technologies.




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