Reflection : Transnational Media and Cultural Industries

Before I started the lesson: Transnational Media and Cultural Industries, I was a fresh graduate of higher Diploma in visual art and design. I have no idea of the Transnational Media and Cultural Industries lesson as all I’ve ever learned was technical ability from Art and Design College. But the Transnational Media and Cultural Industries is about the culture of the TV format and film. And that is exactly what I am interested in as I am a movie lover. Also, it is important for the designer to understand the transnational media and cultural industries since the design work may involve this range such as animation special effects producer.

Across the whole semester, we were asked to write the blog posts into a concise 500-word. It is a hard task for me to write in the language that I am not familiar with. However, it would help us to improve the analytical ability and comprehension ability.

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The purpose of learning Transnational Media and Cultural Industries have given me to clear the mind of recognizing how the media due to through the culture, the globalization, and the cosmopolitanism effect the market.


From my conscious began to understand that people’s life and culture cannot be separated from the relationship. Culture is an ideology that embraces ideas, customs, social behavior of a particular group or society. But how to translate the ideology of culture?

“Studies have shown that television competes with other sources of human interaction—such as family, friends, church, and school—in helping young people develop values and form ideas about the world around them. It also influences viewers’ attitudes and beliefs about themselves, as well as about people from other social, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.”

(Thomson Gale)

I realize that television is performative, and has the capacity to stimulate cohesion.Korean government culture policy can be a great an example for us to study how to develop own culture through the media.



The worldwide movement toward the process of interaction and integration of peoples in different countries. Globalization is based on different media such as news, television, and movies.

A successful production can perform a unique national culture through the media. The global audience would be interested in that production as they can realize other national culture via the media format. The national production would be more globalization since it makes the process of interaction and integration among peoples in different countries. We are not just watching the Screen, we are watching the culture value of the production as an audience.

“The value of things is always increasing: because of the frequent repetition, many of the things that are important to us at first seem to be of little value.”
(Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher)



“All human beings belong to a single community and the ultimate units of moral or theoretical concern are individual human beings, and not the state or particular forms of human association.”( Charles W. Mills 1997)

The cosmopolitan sense of consciousness is that we prefer to associate other individuals like us with our own ideology. And organize a community or event to exchange and develop culture.Such as LOL Online community.

In this lesson, I learn so much about what sense of the Transnational Media and Cultural Industries and how can it be effective in each market.


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