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Have you heard LOL? (League of Legends)

LOL is a is a multiplayer online tactical arena (MOBA) game developed and distributed by Riot Games which is for free mode since 2009. Each month has 100 million people or 1.4% of the world’s population play League of Legends.Why are so many people get crazy about it?

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As it is a game that needs to be communicated to win. In League of Legends, the player plays an invisible summoner and controls unique “Heroes” against computer AI or real player-controlled battles.The game’s usual goal is to destroy each other’s main base “Lord Fort “. Each of the two parties needs to use the “Top”, “mid”, and “bottom” location on the map to attack each other’s teams.

These “Heroes” settings have different data attributes, such as “AP” capable of magical output, “AD” (Attack Damage) capable of short-range physical output, ” Attack Damage Carrier “, a” tank “that has high physical or magical defenses and has more blood to absorb damage from your opponent, helping your teammates with blood or other related economies. This is the interesting of the game.

LOL create a virtual identity for the player.All players come from different countries, which means we need ways to easily communicate with each other as the time is key to win the game in LOL. The LOL player created their LOL terms like mia and GG.

Mia means the enemy disappears on the map so that teammates to be vigilant.The usage of mia is to cooperate with the abbreviation of each location to message teammates.For example :mid mia, At this time, two people from top to bottom will pay attention. It can help save lives or provide assistance to kill opponents.

GG means a good game in LOL. Most of the time is the end of the game, by the loser hit out. Praise each other playing well, a show of their own defeat. However, the general public has misunderstood it as “Game Over.” It has gradually become a common saying that “it is finished.” Even the Taiwanese media has widely adopted the term “GG.”

“In order for virtual third cultures to be created, a sense of community must be developed through active engagement with other virtual cosmopolitans, which includes social support, shared cultural behaviors, and a shift in outlook toward intercultural empathy and mindfulness.”
(Journal of International and Intercultural Communication P.254)


The LOL player not just create the LOL terms for communicate. They are also actively participated in the competition. Organize own team and team fans club. In the forum to participate in the discussion of the game Raiders.Players may be linked together in the game by playing the same game, and may eventually evolve into real-life friends.LOL community and culture gradually formed invisible.



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