The ioT Life

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IoT fiery development, the government and manufacturers out of many policies and products, but consumers are new or future Internet of Things will change how life, in fact, from many Hollywood movies to see the human imagination of the future, many TV series

Early demonstration of the thirst for the future of high technology.Such as the sensor in the morning when the detector will automatically detect the sun out of the window, adjust the curtains to be opened how much room lights need to turn on.

The wearable device will also bring together the previous night’s Sleep information as well as the previous day’s diet records, suggest that we should drink this morning how much water; brush the teeth, smart toothbrush will remind us where you still need to be strengthened.We can also use the phone remote control appliances and let the coffee machine starts to help us brew coffee. So after dressing change, we can go out immediately.

On our way to work, use our mobile phone to turn on the company’s computer and air conditioner, automatically adjust temperature and humidity, and prepare for us the most suitable working environment. If there is an accident on the road passing through, the in-car system will remind us to divert it. After get off work to exercise, wearable devices will record our movement, the way home can also help turn on the air conditioning, ready to take a bath, and bathed in fear of carbon monoxide poisoning.

But with the ioT, smoke detectors and agiler and secure to prevent accidents. At weekends when home, the sensing device will also record your lifestyle and the habits of electricity consumption, understand what you are on the electricity consumption, when is the peak of electricity, which appliances are not often used, you can unplug the plug And so on, the power company can also collect information about each individual, estimate when the power supply will be insufficient, and remind users in advance. The Internet of Things not only brings convenience to life but is safer and closer to human life.

ioT into our lives, do not particularly feel its existence. However, everything you do will be recorded by it!

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