Wk 10: Cybercrime


Major Governments are developing software called “cyber-weapons,” aiming at building an advantage in cyber-world, even against military and economic opponents. However, these “weapons” have instead been stolen by hackers in order to blackmail the money and develop into a global cybercrime.

Cybercrime causes an annual global economic loss of 445 billion U.S. dollars.
Among them, more than 160 billion U.S. dollars was lost due to cyber attacks on individuals and businesses involved in intellectual property rights.A report in the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies says cybercrime has become an expanding industry that undermines trade, competitiveness and invention.

Ransomware can become a new trend in cybercrime. According to a report released earlier this year by SonicWall, a cyber security company under Dell, (SonicWall Annual Threat Report 2017), a total of more than 630 million attempts to extortion online were identified in 2016, up from 2015 The year saw a record 3.8 million, an alarming increase.

In March of this year, some people in the UK published a hacker dron named Snoopy. At this year’s Black Hat Hacker Annual Meeting, Bishop Fox, a security company, also used Raspberry Pi to build a Web site Road attack capability of the drones “dangerous drones”, as long as the fly near the top of the target, you can for WiFi, Bluetooth or RFID and other wireless communication channels to attack. Most of these hacker drones disguised as Wi-Fi hotspots ability to attract motor users to connect and then steal a variety of information within the phone. And its production costs only 500 US dollars up and down, can be said to be quite cheap new attack techniques.

This telling us be careful on the networkk.


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