Wk 9: The hack


Hacker is a person who good at computer science, programming and design highly understandable.In computer security, “hacker” refers to the person who studies how to take the computer security system. They use public communications networks, such as telephone systems and the Internet, to log in to each other’s systems under non-formal conditions to gain control of the system.

Hackers can be roughly divided into the white hat, the gray hat and the black hat.White Hat hackers aim to “improve” by cracking a program to import modifications that enhance or change the program’s use, or by intrusively reminding system owners of computer security vulnerabilities or even Take the initiative to be repaired.Gray hat hackers to “show off” as the goal, through cracked or invaded to show that they have a superb technology.Black hat hackers to “lust” as the goal, through the crack or invasion to gain unlawful interests or vent negative emotions.

Among them, white hat hackers are mostly employees of computer security companies, and in a completely legal case to attack a system, while black hat hackers also known as “Cracker”.

And Anonymous is the largest, most famous and centralized activist hacking group in the world.Although no more rigorous hacking pedigree has so far emerged, in reality it is difficult to define radical hackerism at both ends of the traditional black hat and white hat spectrum.

However, their core concept is to reach their social or political goals, regardless of whether the means are legitimate, using data collection, intrusion, sabotage or online advertising. Therefore, the activities of radical hackers mostly have strong social movements, protests and conceptual colors. Like an anonymity itself not only participates in a number of political or social events such as attacks on ISIS, the Shakyidiki Church, and WikiLeaks as a programmer.

They are everywhere.

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