Wk 8:The impact of social media

Have you ever heard about Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution?

Hong Kong’s “Central Government Occupation” operation is not just social movement. It’s also a political revolution.The mass protest campaign triggered by the change of government policies not only spreads in Hong Kong but also spreads rapidly over the Internet.

Social Media plays an important role in this social movement.As it can help accelerate the spread of the revolution at all levels of society and enhance the cohesion between the members of the movement.Arousing international attention.Enhance cohesion among citizen and give a positive value.

However, these positive evaluations are only part of the reality. Social media have also brought contradictions and divisions to the overall “Umbrella movement” and even the social public opinion.


According to a study by Scholar Merlin (2011) on “Arab Spring”, social networks have four different positive functions in promoting social movements or social revolutions:

1.Social media have voiced and synergized channels for citizens who are dissatisfied with the government.

2.Campaign conveners sent a large amount of encouraging messages through social media that other protestors were even more positive about their odds.

3.Social networking sites have raised the price of detente exercises by those in power.

4.Citizens raise the international awareness of social movements through social networks.

We can imagine the effect of social media is huge as social media release our freedom.


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