Netflix and its relationship to other creative industries – is the rise of Netflix a good thing for the general public?


Netflix provides the streaming service to all over the world. Its emergence has changed the way global television viewing has drawn the public’s attention. Global online video audiences are growing rapidly. According to Netflix’s new data, more than 100 million people worldwide now subscribe to the Netflix streaming service.Online video consumption is one of the most popular internet activities worldwide already.

As long as the content on a range of platforms is convenient and affordable, global online video audiences are willing to pay for it.

It is how audiences can find out the services worth of monthly fee from Netflix. Each program does not require a large audience which is the standard for successful advertiser-funded television. However, the service does need to provide enough value for users to continue paying.


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Netflix develops from the registered mail DVD rental service to provide streaming service reflect the potential of Netflix development.In addition to the purchase programs, Netflix also invests in producing original programs.The first original production is a political drama “House of Cards” with one hour long.It was released in February 2013.The”House of Cards” producer by Famous American music video and film director David Andrew Leo Fincher. In 2016, the original drama “Stranger Things” was launched and was highly regarded as soon as it was broadcast.

The Marketing approach of Netflix constant to change as competitors increase. The changing can improve the quality of streaming service to serve those different audiences simultaneously and separately.




Netflix Drives Surge In Online Video Revenues In
by Don Groves (Media & Entertainment #BingeWatc

Netflix tops 100m subscribers as it draws worldwide audience
by Mark Sweney () Tuesday 18 July 2017

The unique strategy Netflix deployed to reach 90 million worldwide subscribers
Amanda Lost Professor (11April 2017)


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