Wk 3: Now The Liquid Workforce

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Nowadays, the liquid workforce is rising up as the information flows so rapidly with the network development. The digital changes our life a lot even the format of our labor. It leads us to the expansion of global e-commerce platform. We can keep in touch with businesses around the world and manage our personal business deftly.

Before the global e-commerce platform success, our business activities limited by the location.The community economic would be extremely lag without any opportunity outside our community. Or companies seriously deficiencies of the potential workforce.

In this digital age, the liquid labor has no worry about location limited and the opportunity lost. They can provide their technological assistance for overseas business smartly. The liquid labors are adaptable, change-friendly workers. They can help the companies adapt to market changes agilely which are leading to the willingness of enterprises to invest in who have the tools and technology.

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The liquid labor makes everything possible in this digital work format. Include society, political and economic beginning more globalization. Each liquid labor just like the node-link share and flow the information around the world. The production efficiency is high and effective with the global cooperation.


Leveraging a liquid workforce
by John Tudhope ( )

The core of a liquid workforce: The Right Team At The Right Moment
by Martijn Smit, Inge Abraham  (   )

Liquid workforce: building the workforce for today’s digital demands
by Soosyan Eng (19 February  2016)

The Liquid Workforce: It’s Not Science Fiction, It’s Our New Normal
by Terri Gallagher (24 Jul 2017)


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