The Hong Kong Night Talk

Night Talk is a ViuTV night program at 11:30pm to 12am. It is a genre of television programming in which one person or group of people discuss various topics put forth by a talk show host. Night Talk would use the same scene to produce a week of seven-night talk shows. Each night will be arranged for the different talkers. It’s now the popular program in HongKong.

The Daily Night Talker:

Mon: Bed Talk
Wed: Book Test
Thu: Helmet Intercom
Fri: One Beside You 3
Sat: Men’s Talk
Sun: Bang Bang Channel

The Night Talk idea comes from the US Late-Night Talk Show where the format originated. It is kind of lifestyle television program. The program usually structured around humorous monologues about the day’s news, guest interviews, comedy sketches and music performances.

So are these Night Talk and Late Night Talk similar?


The Late Night Talk just one host to do an interview. Its drawn-out the political discourse beyond a few established voices, offered a close-up view of public figures and broadened the U.S. policy agenda. However, the host frequently disparaged American public discourse with a freak show approach that focused on hostility, shocking revelations, and stories of sexual encounters.

The Night Talk has 19 talk show hosts each night 3 talker. It’s more like a chat show as people talk in a friendly, informal way about different topics. They would provide the new information to audiences and explore the issue. Most topics are the reality of local.

The Favorite one is Helmet Intercom.

Why Talker: Helmet Intercom?

As Hong Kong network develop rapidly and the information distributes quickly on the social network. The cyberbullying is a serious illness in Hong Kong. People afraid to express the personal opinion so ViuTV created Helmet Intercom Night Talk Show. Explore the HongKong issues.



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