Wk 2: Why people left Facebook ?

As the human, we enjoy of sharing our things with people and want to make friends with others. This is the original idea of facebook. Facebook kinda like a personal Newspaper which can tell people about your life detail easily. The timeline let us remember our every moment.

However, do you really think it okay? Becoming a Facebook user is more considerable with each passing day as it is Identity of your community like an id card.

” It would be easier for us to go into business with someone when I can see their family and hobbies. I’ll feel closer knowing we have some common ground. It will also make dating, keeping in touch with family, and finding new friends easier. “

by TheNextWeb Jonathan Saragossi

I am afraid to accept your co-worker and the boss’s invitation is the worst. Suddenly, there is no freedom of speech as your boss or other might be care what you post on the FB wall. It would be embarrassed.

Secondly, People keep spreading. The information flow so quickly and those content are similar. The popular status on Facebook, with hundreds of likes, comments and followers will not provide any profit to the writer or reader of the post. We always feeling depressed of staring similar information on our little facebook wall.

Years ago, without Facebook we do have a nice social media – Xanga. Xanga is a social media which provide a blog hosting service. Its used to be popular.However, the social networking site launched blog function since 2009. Unfortunately, the popularity of the Xanga user number was declining and network rankings also fell in 2010. Until June 2013, Xanga appeared financial troublesome and facing a crisis of collapse.

Why Xanga used to be our first choice?

Users can personalize their own Xanga which they can through the template and custom HTML design their own Xanga. There are also features such as subscription and blog chains to maintain the community. Xanga’s use can be made of basic the personal diary, technology, and current comment. Not just spreading.

Someday Facebook will disappear like Xanga did. Even FB user base is growing, but original members from the last decade appear to be leaving in droves. No opportunity for facebook anymore as the new social media might replace it.








Facebook is for grandparents: What we need in a next-gen social network


The Benefits of Facebook “Friends:” Social Capital and College Students’ Use of Online Social Network Sites


by Nicole B. Ellison Charles Steinfield Cliff Lampe July 2007


2 thoughts on “Wk 2: Why people left Facebook ?”

  1. I also had the Xanga blog when I was in primary school haha! However nowadays too busy for our daily life as working and studying, the habit of keeping update our blogs may not as easy as the old time, or this is also a reason why Xanga suddenly disappear. And I do missing the old day with it!


  2. Your opinion is good, I really agree with that especially about the Facebook. I think it’s really a possible outcome for Facebook to be replaced by other social media or even disappeared. The comparison between Xanga and Facebook is nice.

    However, I think it will be great if more details are provided when you talk about the reasons why Xanga is no longer be popular.


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